The Magic in Our Lives

Small things in our lives can make our lives magical, just like the appearance of this cute butterfly did on one of my trips.

This butterfly was so friendly!

And fantasy stories can also bring that spark of magic we need in our lives. So, I’m going to share with you a fragment from my upcoming collection of short stories “Evergreen Fantasy”, hoping it will add some magic to your day.



The man stopped and looked at her. His eyes were two black pearls that carried a strange glimmer as if they were reflecting the light of a purple flame. Apart from them, he looked like a normal man, tall, with short and spiky black hair.

“Miss Tanya Lindon?” he asked with a subtle smirk.

“Yes,” she replied caught in a daze.

He stretched out a hand that had a small tattoo of a black tulip. “I know where your parents are. Come with me if you want to see them.”

Tanya’s eyelids became droopy. She took his hand and followed him mindlessly. They went through the door but, when they set foot on the other side, they weren’t inside Aunt Mia’s house anymore. They were before a silvery path that led to a shiny castle made of onyx crystals. The sky was purple, and deep down under the path was a large calm sea.

The castle stood on a big rock right in the middle of it. Tanya looked behind and saw a forest of silent trees that made her feel really small.

The stranger slid a hand around her shoulder. “Come, Tanya. Your parents are waiting.” A breeze carrying the sharp citrus scent played with her hair. She turned and followed the man in black suit, advancing on the silver bridge that reflected the ever-changing amethyst clouds.

Inside the onyx building, the room lightened up as a layer of glowing water started running beneath the floor made of glass. They walked, passing by countless poles and slender pillars of quartz inside which streams of electric water spurt up to the dense tar ceiling. Tanya’s feet were cold as she had left the house without shoes. The nylon stockings weren’t of much help.

The two stopped before a round marking on the floor. A few steps behind it sat a big wall with a row of five doors made of silver. One of them opened and a woman in a long, wine red dress sauntered in.

Tanya gasped, her eyes widening. “Mom!”


So this was a fragment I liked a lot because of that crystal castle and the beauty of the place. I hoped you enjoyed it, and if you did or have some suggestions, drop me a message in the comments section below.

Also, I would really appreciate if you could tell in the comments what small event in your life was magical to you, surprised you in a good way or even made you believe in magic!

Fantasy Books recommended by Readers!

Now, to celebrate this first blog post about an upcoming story of mine, I’m adding here the book recommendations I received from you (to be honest, I was impressed! They’re all amazing and diverse!)

They’re all fantasy series and have romantic subplots.