Chapter 3 – Rising Tide

Part I A gust of chilly wind blew veils of sand on the narrow beach, announcing a storm. Kendel, Vlin, and Inerishia looked up. White clouds descended like a mist, billowing and swirling as their color changed to stains of ash and coal. “This is really bad,” Vlin gasped, wrapping a bracelet around his wrist. … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Rising Tide


The Prequel – Chapter #2 – The Secret Trip

  GreatLady Gladiole leaned against an arch of fluffy red flowers, glancing at the small carriage which sat stationed on a wide stone path, a couple of meters to her left. She gave a nervous sigh and crossed arms on her chest, pushing back her long shiny hair. Taking her eyes away from the wooden … Continue reading The Prequel – Chapter #2 – The Secret Trip

Free reads – The Prequel – Chapter 1

Free chapters from the prequel of the epic fantasy story of the Arid Kingdom. New chapters added weekly. Enjoy! Chapter I - The Vision Inerishia had a vision. As she sat by a wide-open window with diaphanous curtains, she could see something else in the sky. There were no more peaceful foamy clouds and no … Continue reading Free reads – The Prequel – Chapter 1