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  2. The Mysterious Soldier – Part 2
  3. The Crystal Sword
  4. BONUS – Kyle’s Nightmare

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Book #1
The Mysterious Soldier - Part I

Selunia is sent undercover into the Arid Kingdom.
Dressing like a normal soldier, masking her magical abilities and avoiding any problematic situations that could reveal her... ...until she meets Prince Soris' enemies!
Secret love, suspenseful battles, light comedy, and an intricate story. Start your journey into the Arid Kingdom now!
Warning! After chapter 5, you won't be able to put this book down!

cover book 2

Book #2
The Mysterious Soldier - Part II

The castle burns.

The prince has gone bad, and it's only Selunia's fault.
As she tries to temper Soris' dark side and awaken her true powers, Selunia finds about the old castle's mysteries and its curse upon the royal family.

And then the fire spirit comes to challenge her skills...

cover The Crystal Sword

Book #3
The Crystal Sword

Selunia discovers that one of her friends is being possessed by a devious spirit—one that, surprisingly, has feelings for her.
Also, she has to confront the dreaded inspectors of the Central Palace and help Prince Soris make the palace seem safe while it's under attack—and survive, of course!
The Arid Kingdom needs a new weapon, and that is the secret Crystal Sword.

Kyle's Nightmare

Book #4
Kyle's Nightmare

Simple office worker by day, warrior by night.
Kyle is trapped in a dream and must fulfill the strange missions given by an ancient spirit.

How will he break the spell after falling in love with the spirit's daughter?

~ Standalone novel ~
Not related to the Arid Kingdom series

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A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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