The Arid Kingdom: a magical book series written by Tina Silvens.

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  • The Mysterious Soldier – Part I (Book #1) – The story of a girl who disguises as a soldier to help the Prince of the Arid Kingdom.
  • Bonus chapters from The Mysterious Soldier – Part II (Book #2)
  • Fantasy illustrations (the main characters, weapons, magical objects)

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A neo-medieval world, a girl with hidden powers, a prince with a mysterious past; many enemies, magical battles, and a forbidden, yet meant to be love story.

Selunia, a nineteen-year-old girl, unable to continue her life at the White Castle, finds her meaning in life by taking part in the contest for Prince Soris’ personal guard, the prince of the Arid Kingdom—a place where wars and strange events almost never stop appearing.
In a world where women aren’t to be seen in the army, will she manage to do that?

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Here’s what other readers say about this book

Editorial review
“A Captivating and Powerful Story That Will Put You On the Edge of Your Seat and Leave You Wanting More. 

Selunia is a young girl with special powers, at least through the help of her crystal gloves. She is sent from her home at the White Castle to the nearby Arid Kingdom. Once there, she quickly finds herself the sole protector of the kingdom. But will she be able to triumph over the powerful and numerous enemy that threatens them all?

Tina does a remarkable job at using multiple points of view without confusing the reader or losing the focus of the story. Her writing style is easy to follow and flows well. There is no heavy use of profanity and no intense romantic scenes which makes this a great book for all ages. The characters of the story are well-developed, and the action and suspense made for a quick, fun read. The story kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Silvens shows much promise as an author. I hope to see more from her in the future and am anxious to see how she will further develop this story in the series.” Elizaveta Katrinova

Review from

“This book was simply amazing! I can’t wait to read what happens next. The story flow was progressive, so it wasn’t like other books which catch my attention with a strong beginning and then fade away making me lose my interest in the story. The first chapters tell a lot about the main characters, with some funny moments, and then, by the end of chapter 5, things start to get more and more interesting. The action parts were gripping! I love both Selunia and Soris. There is a sort of subtle chemistry between them.” Ringpuff