Fighting Nightmares with Dreams – Excerpt from Kyle’s fantasy novel

As a child, I used to be fascinated by dreams and, like many people, I believed they were the gateway to discovering amazing things related to our world.

That’s why dreams have always been a great source of inspiration for writing my novels. Here, I’m going to post a chapter from “Kyle’s Nightmare“, a fantasy story of a young man who takes missions from an ancient spirit that threatens to not let him wake up unless he’s finished his tasks.

*** Excerpt ***

Chapter 2

Swept Away

I was walking through a sandstorm. I knew where I had to arrive, and my steps were taking me precisely there. There was no need for me to see anything.

Soon, the dense squalls faded and let me enter the Sheriff’s Town. Old-fashioned cowboys and gentle ladies in long frocks were wandering about the classic western town, consisting mostly of two lines of wooden houses placed on the sides of the main road. I smiled. I could easily see the bandits with black scarves on their faces, lurking behind the barrels and in the shadows.

I was being followed, that’s for sure, and I loved that feeling. I was on a mission; I knew I was good, I had some foes to defeat, and at the end came the reward. I was a handsome, skilled hero.

I kicked the saloon’s doors and walked in. Squinted eyes, hostile wrinkled faces and many heads in brown hats turned to greet me. They were all fierce men sitting at their tables to drink beer and talk about wanted criminals. “Feels like home,” I told myself, and grinned at my spectators.

The portly bartender was pretending not to watch me. I flung my hands in the pockets of my jeans and walked towards him.

“Hi there, old man,” I said with a wink. “Give me something to drink and I’ll give you something to admire.”

The man didn’t look at me, but poured me a glass of foamy beer and pushed it towards me. I took out the diamond queen from my sage-green jacket and put it on the long table.

Just as I was sliding my palm back from the playing card, an idea struck me. This is a dream. I frowned.

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I took the card back before the bartender could lay his hand on it. He noticed my concentrated face, so he said out loud, “Hey, kid! Are you going to pay or not? Don’t try to fool around.”

But I didn’t care about what he was saying. I was thinking about what made me believe this world wasn’t real. I turned my back on the old man and looked around. Where was I before getting into this place? Who am I?

I became restless. “I’m Kyle Jadison! I should be on my way back from work,” I thought, and felt my heart racing. Everything about this place wasn’t real, but I couldn’t wake up.

I made to leave, but the bartender grabbed my arm.

“Listen, boy,” he said in a grave tone. “You better pay right now.”

I snatched myself from his grip and turned. “You’re not real!”

The man took me by the collar and pulled me to his face. “Don’t try something stupid,” he whispered. “Just do what you got to do.”

I was taken aback by this. It was as if he actually knew what went on in my mind. “No,” I said. “I’m not her slave!” I pushed him away, then took out the card and ripped it. I remembered my car, the newspaper, the headlines about Kreeba Museum. I had to get out of this. The Queen was trying to make me her subject again.

“Listen to me!” the bartender said with a pleading face. He actually looked concerned about me. “Just do this only this time and…”

I ripped the card parts in as tiny pieces as I could, then threw them in the air. It was obvious there wouldn’t be just one time. I had to defeat her from the very beginning. I marched towards the exit. Some men tried to stop me, but I knocked them out easily. I was really pissed off.

I went out and kicked up a storm. I took every barrel and cowboy who stood in my way and hurled them over the buildings. I was a lot stronger in the dream than I was in reality.

“Get out, you witch!” I shouted. “Come out right now or I’ll destroy this place.”

Bullets flew by me. I laughed. “Oh, yes! Come on, guys! Shoot at me! I’d rather die than serve a mad hag.” But no bullets hit me. They were really bad shooters.

The noise of some galloping horses with armed men was approaching me. They seemed to be powerful cowboys, unlike the ones I had fought before. I jumped in the middle of the street, closed my eyes, and waited to be killed while constantly urging myself to wake up. I had promised myself to never surrender to some hallucinations. I had been living a free and normal life for the past eight years, and that’s how it should have remained.


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