How to read a beautiful fantasy story without ever risking paying too much?

Author: Sandra Lineliz

First, nice to meet you! You’re lucky that you’re seeing this article. Congrats!

So your question is how to read a beautiful fantasy story without ever risking paying too much? Good. This is where you should be.

Now, keep reading because I’ll tell you the answer, what you’re seeking deep down in your heart.

We all want beautiful fantasy stories, those that grab your attention and keep your mind far away from your daily worries. Let me tell you this: you are on the right page, at the right moment, and you will get your right answer.

Okay. Now you want to know the benefits!

Yes, yes. They are many! Read below.

– This isn’t going to cost you much. Yay! Isn’t that cool?

– You will spend a great time experiencing a neo-medieval world together with a handsome prince and a beautiful sorceress. But wait! They have problems and you won’t get bored.

– It’s a beautiful story! Oh, wait. This is not a benefit. Just a second. Oh yes! I got it. The benefit is that your mind will see something beautiful and exciting, which is why it won’t be able to forget. You will keep daydreaming about it and that will eventually help you in your life. So you want to ask: How’s that possible? You see, you get happy when you see something beautiful, but even when you’re remembering something beautiful. In both cases, you win. What does it mean to get happy? Well, it’s that beautiful state of your heart. And while you’re feeling great, your work will get easier. Everything you have to do will get easier. So, do you understand now why you should be reading a beautiful story? Good. Now, the next benefit.

– You read fantasy. Is this a benefit? Yeah, it is. Don’t you need to get creative? And it’s not here only about school projects. Even at work, you need to be creative whether it’s about marketing, products, services, and so on. The twists and turns of the difficult situations in a fantasy story may stir up your mind regarding solving a certain problem. You can get new ideas, solutions just by reading a beautiful fantasy story! Isn’t that amazing? It happened to me many times. It’s proven. It works.

– You get to live a different life through the eyes of the main character. And do you know why is that cool? Let’s be honest here. Where in the world will you be able to become a prince/princess or a sorcerer/sorceress right now, in your reality, in this modern life? Is it possible? Unfortunately, no. But thanks to one single book, you get this chance! Read below. It’s getting very interesting. Now you have to know about that beautiful fantasy story I’m talking about.

It starts like this… Well, this is about book 2 of the series. For the first book, which is FREE, click here to claim it (on gumroad, just put the price 0 and you get it, it’s that simple).

Now back to book 2. It’s a series, right. But it’s amazing and cheap because that’s why you’re here on this page. Take into consideration that it’s not $27, not even $15, and not even $10, and not even $6! And it’s a true story, built since the author was a little girl, based on all of her life problems. Yeah, I know it’s fictional, but those characters are real! Additionally, there are scenes that happened in her life. Well, I said some, not all of them. No one has superpowers nowadays, and she’s not living in a palace. Oh, but this should have been said below. Anyway, keep reading to find out more about it.

Listen to this great beautiful fantasy story…

– The handsome prince has scars hidden in his heart and this sorceress comes to take his inner peace and reveal his scars. Do you think it will be easy? Nope, not at all. He’s stubborn, and sometimes arrogant. He always tries to hide his true self and true emotions because he’s afraid to be hated. Well, I can’t blame him for that. No one wants to be hated.

– The action part? Well, he has to fight for his life and for the lives of others because of his palace. There’s a treasure inside of it that if it gets on the wrong hands, then that’s the end of the world. There’s a mastermind behind all of this. One that keeps staying in the shadow, and not even the prince or the king is aware of him. Cool, right?

– The romance part? It’s forbidden. The prince has a fiancee. Who do you think he will fall in love with? That’s easy to tell, but hard to control. Fate will lead him where he should be and his heart will be uncontrollable, for sure. That’s why things will get interesting for him and for you who is the special reader that has chosen this great fantasy story, with a great background built by love, war, betrayal, denial, revenge, and strong characters!

Don’t you want to read it? This fantasy story will make you laugh, keep you on your toes, root for the main characters because you will love them. They have charisma, charm, beauty, and magical powers! Do you want more? They have unique eyes that hide something magical! Oh god. Now I want to read it again.

I know. There’s another question:

Is this book valuable to you?

Yes, it is. Where in the world will you find a book like this one? This fantasy book has a history of at least 10 years! Can you imagine how good it is when its beginning was about 20 years ago?

What I mean is that a weak story is built in a few weeks, it has no depth, no meaning, no plot crafting, no well-thought scenes, not based on a true story, and it’s always written for the sake of making a profit.

But how about this one?

This fantasy book series I’m talking about (go to the button at the end of this page to discover its name) was created 20 years ago with the sole purpose to entertain, to lift up the mood, to give strength as to be able to face the real obstacles in life. Because think about it, will you? Back then, the author was a kid, a little girl discovering step-by-step the reality when building this fantasy story with her innocent mind. And as she grew up, she learned how to create momentum, making the scenes more enjoyable, or dramatic, namely to make you feel with the character, to make you root for him/her. Fantastic, isn’t it? Few authors had the time to create such a story for so many years. Do you now see why is this fantasy book valuable, important, and worth your time? Because, in the first place, it wasn’t created to be sold; it was created to entertain. It wasn’t created for commercial purposes, but out of passion, an innocent passion if I may add.

Now, why do you need to pay for it? Simply put, it’s like this: for editorial and marketing purposes. That’s it. The entire story is free as to maintain that cheap price you’re looking after. So let me explain it again. What you’re paying for is just for the editorial and marketing stuff, for the team that is working day and night to make this valuable book published and ready to be claimed by you. AND THE STORY IS FREE! Is the gift that every author has to offer for their awesome readers.

Motto: readers are gods and authors create the world of the gods.

So, be a god and claim your copy today and enjoy this fantastic story!

One thing that you should know about that button. It leads to gumroad, the personal page of the author. If you buy from gumroad, you support the author. If you buy from amazon, you support amazon. Do you see the difference?

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Reviews? Yes. Read them below, but you won’t get to know the true story if you read the opinion of someone else. Trust me, you can judge only if you see it with your eyes.

Thank you to those that have supported so far this awesome story. It means a lot to the author!

Happy Reading!


“This is a story that is continued from the first book Epic Fantasy Magic: The Mysterious Soldier – Part I: A YA Fantasy Adventure Book from The Arid Kingdom series which has been free in various places including Amazon and Instafreebie in recent weeks. It would really spoil it if you read the second without having first read the first but get ready to read the third book as well, not yet released because this book makes you want to read more! It took no time at all to get to know and love the characters as they were introduced and then, you will get hooked on this Paranormal Fantasy for Young Adults. While there are a few words considered foul, it is very minor. No sex but the implication is there as men think of cheating on their wives as common. In this kingdom, women are not treated equally so expect to get your feathers ruffled if this bothers you but it has a nice balance if you’re willing to wait. Overall, I gave this a 5 star because it is just such an enjoyable read with an interesting plot, well-told, few misspellings, and errors and I would go back and read it again someday, maybe after more in the series comes out. I suspect there will be more than 3. And I’ll grab them as soon as they are available because they are very good.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“The second book of the Arid Country’s fight against Bardan and his men (and witch).Selunia tries to protect
Solis, but because he is attracted to her he tries to push her away.
But during a second attack on the castle they find out what Bardan had in mind to discredit the current king.
Like before the story ends in a half cliffhanger. I am waiting for book 3 to continue the story….
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“This story continues where the first part left off. This part is fast paced and full of action!
If you like fantasy, amazing heroines, and enjoyed the first part of the story give this one a try.
Now all I have to do is wait for part III, easier said than done!
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“The second half of the book is fantastic. It starts off from where the first one ended. Selunia comes to the rescue and helps stop the battle. Selunia is a fantastic heroine. The is a fast paced story. With some awesome battle scenes. This story where Selunia wants to earn the right to guard the prince. This book is right up there with the hunger games. A definite must read. I was given this read.”

“can she help her old friend Prince Soris, and save herself, her kingdom and her honor at the same time?
a challenging situation for any young woman- even a magical one.
lots of scars to survive before hearts and kingdom can survive.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“Just as the first book, this one was just as good. It started like the first book never ended. Since I read a lot, a prologue would have helped to remind me before I got into the juicy stuff. It only took a few minutes before it clicked, but when it did, I didn’t want to put it down!”

How to read a fantasy book without ever risking getting bored?

Author: Sandra Lineliz

So let me guess… You probably are in this situation: many books, you think they are boring, you then think why should you read them, you look on amazon, and then close it. The end.

Getting bored is just a problem of mindset. It’s not that the story has to be exciting, but rather you should get excited whenever you see a new fantasy book. You see, they are unique. Even if they have some similarities, they are not the same.

But let me get you excited right now about a fantasy book. You won’t be able to let it go.

Here starts the journey. This is for everyone that likes fantasy with some horror in it because it has to be exciting.

Let’s see… Are you going to read or are you already frightened?

Oh wait! The benefits! You have to know the benefits before you will find out about it.

ONE! You experience being trapped in a dream world. A Real Nightmare or a Real Dream. You decide how you want to see it. But how’s that a benefit? Well, it is. Once it captures your attention, you will forget about your reality, your problems, your worries, and so on, that dark side of the world. Yeah, just for a few hours, but it’s enough. Let me ask you. How many of you stay one minute without thinking? Even with meditation, it’s difficult. That’s why I’m saying that a book, a story, a fantasy story will have power over you without you being forced to do something.

Whether you’re bored, angry, upset, sad, depressed, that fantasy book won’t attack you. Instead, it can become your best friend. This is your benefit.

TWO! A fantasy book frees your mind from blockages. You get stuck when you have a problem. You’re always thinking of solutions on how to solve it as quickly as possible, but it may take longer than you expect. What are you going to do? Because you won’t be able to relax unless you take a walk outside. But that may not work as well. Eating? Shopping? They may not work either.

Enter a new world and see how your mind relaxes. This is your benefit by reading a new fantasy book.

So there’s this book I recommend… Keep reading. You will love it.

– Action in a dream world.

– You get trapped in there.

– You try to save yourself for several times.

– It may seem endless.

– You fall in love with someone in that dream.

– You are desperately trying to save that person in that dream.

– You fail, but sometimes you succeed.

– It gets crazier and crazier by each day you go to sleep.

– There’s the romance that drags you inside.

– You can’t give up.

– You become a warrior in your dream who fights for his life, but is it worth it? In reality, you’re no one. Shouldn’t you be giving up that dream world in order to survive in your real life?

As a reader, what would you do?

Would you fight until the end?

Or will you take the steps of a coward just to feel safe and far away from problems? Accepting your fate as it is, and ignoring your heart’s desire to make that dream world work for you?

Which of these two, do you think will give you more pain? The first one or the second one? Keep in mind that once you give up, everything’s lost. You can’t go back in that dream world, you can’t talk to your loved one, and you will be left with only your reality, which is not that great.

Do you know what the main character does in this fantasy book? Are you curious? He may find a third option that may inspire you. And how’s that possible? Because the mind is always searching for solutions, whether you’re awake or not. Have you thought of this aspect?

Do you want to know about the fantasy book now?

Will you want to find out the third option that may be applied to your life? What if that’s the answer to improve your life, mentally and emotionally?

Will you make a sacrifice for that?

The question is literally interesting. Sacrifice is needed in everything. But what if you sacrifice your time in order for the good in you to win? Doesn’t that sound cooler?

Are you ready to visit that dream world and search for your answer to your life? Because this fantasy book was inspired by a true story. The author has a sister, and that sister gave her inspiration to write this book in a few weeks. And do you know how? That sister told her everything about her nightmares that she was having almost every night. She listened to her, but she didn’t say that she was going to write a fantasy book based on her tellings.

How does that sound to you? Weird? Awful?

The truth is, her sister had never asked anything, but deep down she had sensed something…

So have I convinced you that this fantasy book is interesting and perfect for you? I don’t know about you, but I want to read it right now. It’s intriguing because her sister likes the Arid Kingdom series and not this fantasy book I’m telling you about.

Doesn’t this aspect make you want to read it more? Because it has something evil in it?

Well, I do, because I’m that sister that had nightmares. I’m the one that inspired her to write this fantasy book called Kyle’s Nightmare.

How’s that coming? And I wasn’t even planning to tell the truth.

Now this is the great stuff! You have 2 options.

One: you leave this page and forget about this fantasy book based on my reality.

Two: You take action and click on that button below and get to know my reality.

How does that sound? Ready to know my dreams or not? Don’t forget that it has something evil in there… Scary, if I may say.

Now, why do you need to pay for it? Simply put, it’s like this: for editorial and marketing purposes. That’s it. The entire story is free as to maintain that cheap price you’re looking after. So let me explain it again. What you’re paying for is just for the editorial and marketing stuff, for the team that is working day and night to make this valuable book published and ready to be claimed by you. AND THE STORY IS FREE! Is the gift that every author has to offer for their awesome readers.

Motto: readers are gods and authors create the world of the gods.

So, be a god and claim your copy today and enjoy this fantastic story!

One thing that you should know about that button. It leads to gumroad, the personal page of the author. If you buy from gumroad, you support the author. If you buy from amazon, you support amazon. Do you see the difference?

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Reviews? Yeah, sure. Read below. But why should you care about them when the readers didn’t know, don’t know, and won’t get to know about the fact that this fantasy book is about my dreams, my nightmares?


“Kyle, as a teenager, had dreams where he is going on one quest after another, sent by his queen, until he realises that her quests are not always for the good of everyone. He avoids to come near the queen, to the point of moving to another town to get away from her influence.
He finds peace until about 10 years later, when the dreams suddenly start again – and they send him on an unbelievable quest, mixing dream and reality.
Not very exciting – yet I could not put the book down. It was fascinating to read about this dream world and how it manipulated Kyle and others.
A great story, with interesting characters.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.” (review on Amazon)

“When a young man has trouble in his late teens with dreaming and not being able to wake up, he believes it is all his imagination and finally overcomes it.
When it starts occurring again ten years later, he struggles and believe he is losing his mind. Unfortunately, things take a turn when he meets some of the people from his dream world in the waking world.
I liked how he second guessed his sanity. It would have helped to have a bit more world building but the unknown made it seem vague and hazy like a dream too.
Overall, an intriguing story line.” (review on Amazon)

“Definitely different. Definitely original. I can honestly say I have never read anything quite like this book. Kyle is an average everyday kind of guy. In his dreams he is fighting the Queen’s quests. A sort of hero. I found this story intriguing. I didn’t want to put it down. I am looking forward to his little brother’s story.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.” (review on Amazon)

“A great read. Kyle is a regular office worker during the day. But at night hes a romantic warrior. The Author really brought out the Characters in a very creative way and very realistic in his dreams. I found this to be a very unique way to bring out the story. I do recommend this read. I was given this read.” (review on Amazon)

“I got this as a free preview so I don’t know how the ending is but I really enjoyed the story. It’s unique and keeps you intrigued. Definitely recommend this.” (review on Amazon)

This article has just been published. Remember, you’re the first to know this secret. Isn’t it cool?

I find it very cool, nothing to compare with, because you can even say that this has a sort of certificate that it’s based on a true story, my story, my dreams, my nightmares.

Go ahead and claim this book. It’s not even $27 the average price of a nonfiction book. It’s based on true facts, but it’s cheaper than usual. And leave a review only if it didn’t impress you.

Happy Reading!

How to actually reduce depression without ever risking taking antidepressants?

Author: Sandra Lineliz

Have you considered reading something fun and magical, fantasy-related stories?

No, no, no. Don’t try to argue here. Depression starts with your mind, the negative thoughts. It’s nothing complicated. We complicate it by overthinking our life problems.

But what if I say to you that just taking a break from your world and see another world would benefit you the most?

You get disconnected. It’s like you unplug yourself for a moment, give your mind free time to relax, and enjoy seeing something new. Our brain loves to discover and see new things!

So what’s my point in here? That it’s time to read something new and cool!

Let me name your benefits:

– you relax your mind for a few hours

– you take a real break from your world

– by reading, you see the harsh lives of others, and then you won’t think that your life is that bad as you were thinking until now

– by reading, you experience the exciting lives of others, and that will motivate you to see your life differently, optimistically, with the hope that you can change it somehow

– when your brain sees new things, new lives, it gets more ideas; and you might want to ask me: and what’s so special about that? Well, it is. Your brain gets more ideas to solve your real-life problems, not to mention your mood. Read below.

– you enhance your mood tremendously because you forget about your worries; it’s like for a few hours you belong to another world thanks to the lovely characters in the story

– once you enhance your mood, your mind relaxes a lot! And I mean it when I say a lot! Imagine yourself for a moment that you are right now in front of a castle or palace and you see yourself dressed so nicely that you want to jump and say: “Yes! I’m the boss here!”. Now, how do you feel? Don’t tell me that “still depressed” because I won’t believe you.

So, are you ready to see that new world I’m trying to talk about? Then read below. It’s exactly what you need and you will love it!

Escape your depressive state now! You are so gonna love this!

A fantasy story…

Deep in the desert and in a forest. (We get to know two territories! So exciting!)

A handsome prince who is a real fighter and loves to protect his kingdom BUT! You have to hear this! He has real wounds, scars that continually torment his heart! He had a scary childhood, with people constantly trying to kill him, in the end making him feel undesirable. Now, can you understand his depressive state? If yes, do you think he gave up on his life ultimately? Take into consideration that he is a fighter. You’re gonna learn so much from his tactics and way of thinking than you would have learned from a doctor.

And a gorgeous female character who does everything to win the prince’s heart! Can you imagine how great that can be? And she’s a sorceress! Wow! You get to see real magic!

Are you now convinced that this story is what you really need right now?

If yes, this is a great deal! The first part of the series (because we’re talking about a series here for such a great story like this) is FREE! (Honestly, I would have paid for it because it’s so great! I’ve read it twice already!) And you will also love it! After reading it, you will feel so much better that it will be so easier to get back to your responsibilities and solve them as quickly as possible.

Get the Energy of These Awesome Characters Right Now!

Click on the button below and choose your favorite store to DOWNLOAD THE BOOK FOR FREE!

Do you need to see its reviews? Read below but don’t stay too much here and get that book already and enhance your mood instantly! BECAUSE that’s why you’re here in the first place, to entertain yourself and escape reality.

Happy Reading!


“A Captivating and Powerful Story That Will Put You On the Edge of Your Seat and Leave You Wanting More.

Selunia is a young girl with special powers, at least through the help of her crystal gloves. She is sent from her home at the White Castle to the nearby Arid Kingdom. Once there, she quickly finds herself the sole protector of the kingdom. But will she be able to triumph over the powerful and numerous enemy that threatens them all?

Tina does a remarkable job at using multiple points of view without confusing the reader or losing the focus of the story. Her writing style is easy to follow and flows well. There is no heavy use of profanity and no intense romantic scenes which makes this a great book for all ages.

The characters of the story are well-developed, and the action and suspense made for a quick, fun read. The story kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Silvens shows much promise as an author. I hope to see more from her in the future and am anxious to see how she will further develop this story in the series.” ~ Elizaveta Katrinova (editorial review)

“I really enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of 80’s fantasy for some reason, with charming humor for villains and heroes alike, yet I knew exactly who to root for.” ~ review on Goodreads

There’s a clear line between good and evil that many stories have issues identifying today. ~ review on Goodreads

“I was eager to find out what would happen next – a sure sign that the book was well-written.” ~ review on Goodreads

The story is written from the perspective of different people – each one an interesting character. ~ review on Goodreads

“I appreciate the good morals and kindness of the main character. The book is clean of profanity and sexual content.” ~ review on Goodreads

The book was very mysterious as the name suggested. The story is good and I loved reading it. I look forward to reading the next book. ~ review on Goodreads

AND these are just a few of the reviews out there! Now go back to read and entertain your heart and soul!

Happy Reading!

How to write a book review in a few minutes?

Author: Sandra Lineliz

Maybe you often find yourself in one of these situations:

– You have a favorite book and you don’t know how to impress with your review.

– You are asked to leave a review and you feel stuck.

– You’re constantly postponing writing that review because you are waiting for inspiration, for the right mood, for the right words, and for the right ideas to flood your mind.

Then, what are the solutions?

I need some simple steps that will help me write those sentences fast.

Yes, rest assured, you came to the right page. Below I’ll show you an example of a review that you can use for any book you want as long as you replace the dot spaces with the specific details of that certain story (the characters’ names, the main theme, the name of the book, the action theme, and that keyword that defines the story).

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. It’s an example of a review designed to help you in any situation you might be in.

Scroll down, copy-paste it in a notepad or word document, make the necessary changes and that’s it. You’re done with the review task. You just have to put it in the comment section of the book in question. It’s that simple.

Continue reading “How to write a book review in a few minutes?”

A Fantasy Book and a Fairy Tale – Rose Butterflies Preview Last Part

Author: Sandra Lineliz

This is the last part of the preview. If you want to see the first one, click this link. On this page, you will get to understand why Zayn is a hated butterfly. His country means his past, his present means Azure, and his future means his true self.

The danger that awaits him is like it’s meant to show his hidden abilities, his wisdom, and his advantages as a dark butterfly. He tries to understand Azure’s loss, but he’s also concerned about himself. Now that he’s away from his country, he wants to claim his right to freedom, to explore the outside world. That is why he refuses to stay in the Green Country.

There are many things to be said about him, but I will let you discover them by yourself. If you know Romanian, go ahead, scroll down and read the last part of the preview. It’s interesting because Zayn is present. His charm makes this story magical.

Bine ai venit să citești ultima parte din preview – prima carte Fluturii Trandafirii din seria Basm Roșu! Află mai multe despre Zayn și despre țara Azurei. O discuție interesantă apare între ei doi, care te va pune pe gânduri. Zayn nu pare prea bun la suflet acum când a fost ținut captiv o întreagă noapte în celula din ceară. Azure nu-l înțelege, pentru că are o altă problemă pe cap. Timpul e scurt, graba e mare. Zayn este dornic să exploreze lumea necunoscută, dar uită să țină cont că aceasta poate fi și periculoasă. De fapt, problemele apar tocmai pentru că el este dat afară din țara lui. Nimeni nu mai e să-l protejeze, așa că ajunge des în mâinile dușmanilor.

Vino să citești continuarea! Bucură-te de povestea lor magică!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy from our links, at no additional cost to you, we get a small commission so we can improve this site. For more information, visit this page.

Capitolul 2. Țara Verde

Fairy Tale Fantasy, Basm

Last Part

După câteva ore lungi, care parcă s-au apropiat de eternitate, în care nimeni nu-i perturbă somnul, trezirea sa deveni inevitabilă odată ce se auzi un zgomot în gratiile celulei sale. Până să se dezmeticească și să vadă cine venise să-l viziteze, urechile sale fură primele care-l anunțară de prezența unei fete, care nu putu fi altcineva decât Azure.

– Zayn, scuză-mă. Ai stat toată noaptea aici, zise ea scurt, fiind preocupată să descuie cât mai repede lacătul.
– Nu te grăbi. N-am pățit nimic, spuse el, simțindu-se să se ridice din pat. Din cauza unei amețeli care-i năpădi fruntea și-i încețoșă privirea, realiză că se grăbise în decizia sa de a părăsi locul, care de-abia îl încălzise cu trupul său. Se așeză în grabă și căută un sprijin în mâini, apucând zdravăn marginea patului.
– Ce s-a întâmplat? întrebă Azure, venind repede lângă el.
– Nimic grav. N-am mâncat.
– Oh, am uitat să aduc ceva. Așteaptă-mă aici, zise ea, zbughind-o afară din încăperea de ceară.

Zayn ar fi vrut s-o oprească, dar ceva îl reținu să strige în urma ei. Îi rămase în minte spatele acesteia, care avea lipsă o aripă. Simți compasiune pentru ea. Pe moment, se îngrijoră pentru soarta ei, ca nu cumva familia să înceapă să o trateze altfel decât de obicei. Mintea lui merse mai departe și își imagină ceva asemănător cu hula pe care o primise el în Țara Festivităților. Își scutură capul, lăsând câteva fire să-i acopere fruntea. Refuză să se adâncească prea mult în amintiri. La ce folos, când acum se afla departe de acea lume?

Rose–A Fairy Tale with Princesses! Discover it here.

Ar fi vrut să-și sprijine capul în palme, dar Azure apăru în fața lui cu un fagure în mână, plin de miere, învelit într-o frunză subțire și lungă. Îi zise de-ndată:
– Ia dulcele și urmează-mă. Camera ta nu e în niciun caz această temniță.
Zayn se uită drept în ochii ei cărămizii, care oarecum trădau o teamă față de el. Probabil sfaturile părinților și prietenilor ei fură cam greu de ignorant. Părerea lor față de străini nu părea prea strălucită. De aceea, el conveni că acum era momentul propice pentru a cere permisiunea de a pleca de la ei din țară.
– Azure, nu pot refuza fagurele acesta, dar camera pregătită pentru mine, da, zise el ferm, luând cu grijă ce i se oferise ca drept hrană.
Deși ar fi vrut să se înfrupte din fagure, Zayn alese să-l așeze pe pat. Privirea sa se îndreptă către ea, după ce se ridică brusc în picioare.
– Tăcerea ta îmi spune că sunt liber să plec.

O liniște greu de suportat se așternu între ei, iar Azure tot refuza să-și ridice ochii pentru a-i da un răspuns.

Fără să mai adauge nimic, Zayn se aplecă pentru a-și lua fagurele, apoi se îndreptă către ieșire. Graba sa de a pleca o determină pe Azure să șovăie în decizia sa și să facă o mișcare pripită. Tocmai când trecu prin dreapta ei, Zayn fu nevoit să se oprească din mers. Își simți aripa prinsă de degetele Azurei.

– Zayn, nu te dă nimeni afară, zise ea cu voce înceată.
– Și totuși, pot să plec, nu? M-am odihnit. Am și ceva de mâncat. E în regulă, concluzionă el, mai mult ca pentru sine.
– Bine, zise ea, ieșind supărată din încăpere.

Beautiful heart illustrations. Download them here.

Zayn nu se minună de comportamentul ei, ci se bucură că rămase singur și că avea poarta deschisă. Nu mai zăbovi și părăsi celula. Înțelese că plecarea sa nu ar fi deranjat pe nimeni și aceasta era tot ceea ce conta pentru el.

Chiar dacă o luă pe drumul oglinzii, făcu greșeala să se uite la licuricii de sus. Veselia lor l-a atras să pășească pe o cărare alăturată. Nu-și dădu seama, decât atunci când șirul lor se termină și fu nevoit să-și coboare privirea.

Când se uită în jur, Zayn constată că ajunsese într-o zonă plină de trandafiri înmiresmați și colorați. Aceștia erau minusculi în comparație cu cei din afara țării. Putea să le atingă petalele, fără să fie necesar să-și ridice mâna mai sus de nivelul brâului.  Se minună de existența lor, pentru că în Țara Festivităților nu existau decât flori înalte, la care se putea ajunge doar zburând.

Se pierduse cu atâta ușurință, încât nici lui nu-i venea a crede aceasta. Oare de unde o luase greșit? Se uită în stânga și-n dreapta sa, apoi avansă printre frumoșii trandafiri. Cărarea fu îngustă, dar nu se sinchisi să zboare. Merse agale, bucurându-se prin atingerea fugitivă a petalelor trandafirilor din apropierea lui.

A beautiful Snow White Retelling! Discover it here.

Tocmai când voia să se asigure că nu se afla nicio ființă prin zonă, avu marea surpriză să dea de fluturele fără o aripă. Cine altcineva și-ar fi permis să piardă vremea în mijlocul zilei, când toată lumea era preocupată cu treburi? Numai cineva care-și căuta un nou sens în viață sau care, din contră. își pierduse sensul în viață.

Nu mai putea avansa, pentru că ea reprezenta un obstacol în calea sa. Stătea jos ghemuită și cu un buchet de flori în mâna dreaptă, sprijinită pe pământ. Nu era cu spatele la el, de aceea, observă cu ușurință privirea ei abătută, însoțită de scurte și repetate ahturi.

Deși și-ar fi putut lua zborul pentru a evita o discuție cu ea, Zayn alese să se oprească la câțiva pași distanță. O privi detașat și îi zise:

– M-am rătăcit. Știi pe unde să o iau spre ieșire?

Azure nu întârzie să-i răspundă. Se simți ușurat că nu fu el cel ignorat, deși un gând răutăcios îl îndemnase să fugă de ea.

– Nu știu de ce insiști atâta să pleci? Chiar așa îți displace țara asta?

– Ai vrea să rămân aici? întrebă el direct.

– Da, îi răspunse ea, ridicându-și buchetul la nivelul ochilor. Îl privea atent, dar gândul ei era în altă parte.

Free Flower Image! Download it here.

– Minți, Azure. Știu că părinții tăi mă văd ca pe un suspect în privința la ce-ai pățit cu aripa. Nu știu de ce nu m-ați omorât deja, zise el, încrucișându-și brațele la piept.
– Eu am fost cea care m-am opus deciziei lor și logic că a ieșit prost.
– Adică? Continuă. N-am cum să ghicesc ce-ați discutat voi.

Azure lăsă buchetul jos, apoi se ridică în picioare. Se uită în zare. Zayn înțelese că nu avea de gând să-i întâlnească privirea.

– Le-am zis că tu m-ai salvat, dar ei nu au dat importanță la asta.

– Atunci la ce? interveni Zayn nerăbdător.

– Mi-am pierdut aripa, Zayn. Asta e marea problemă.

– Știu. Zi-mi consecințele. Poate pot să te ajut, încercă el să-i înțeleagă frământarea interioară.

– Cred că deja știi despre ce e vorba.

– Nu, Azure. Nu știu. Tot timpul mă gândesc că ar fi mai bine să plec. Poate așa nu mai sunt și eu o problemă în plus.

– Departe de asta, râse ea înfundat. Eu sunt o problemă. De-aia au consimțit ei la căsătoria mea cu un fluture alb, zise ea răgușit, dar își drese repede vocea și adăugă: Jegosul. A profitat de faptul că acum sunt un fluture demn de lepădat. Disperarea lui l-a făcut să alerge ca un nătărău la ușa părinților mei și să strige în gura mare că vrea să fie soțul meu.

Zayn se încruntă la cele auzite. Avea aceeași față scârbită ca a ei, însă nu interveni cu nimic. Era timpul ei să vorbească.

A new Sleeping Beauty Retelling! Discover it here.

– Ce mă deranjează mai mult e că părinții mei au fost de acord cu el numai acum când n-am o aripă. Îmi vine să plâng, când mă gândesc că mă văd fără valoare. Adică, acum pot fi aruncată în brațele oricui. Ce vreau eu nu mai contează. Visele mele sunt spulberate odată cu această căsătorie cu un netot, încheie ea, întorcându-se cu fața către Zayn.

Însă, momentul nu fu surprins de Zayn, care avea privirea fixată pe un trandafir cu câteva petale ofilite. Probabil compara floarea cu viața lui și a Azurei. Se uită la ea numai în momentul când îi auzi întrebarea directă.

– Zayn, tu ce-ai face în locul meu?

– Aș pleca, îi răspunse el scurt.

– Da. La asta mi-era gândul. Dar unde să mă duc?

– Nu-mi pune această întrebare, pentru că nici eu nu știu unde să mă duc acum, când am fost alungat din propria țară.

– Te-au dat afară? De ce? întrebă ea fiindu-i greu a-i crede vorbele.

– Nu ți-am zis că sunt un fluture tern? Mai exact… Adică, stai să-ți explic. Sunt o rasă derivată din fluturii trandafirii. Nu știu dacă ai auzit de legenda cum că aceștia când își pierd strălucirea devin negri, răi și de temut. Oricum, ceea ce trebuie să știi tu e că sunt rezultatul iubirii unor fluturi decăzuți. Și nu mă întreba de părinți. Nu știu nimic de ei, se grăbi el să încheie acest subiect. N-avea de gând să se piardă în detalii.

– Sună atât de complicat. Cum… Adică… Ce ți-au făcut cei din Țara Festivităților? întrebase ea cu o oarecare sfială, așezându-și o parte a părului, de un corai intens, după ureche. Așa lăsă vedere la prețioșii ei cercei, care imitau perfect un strop de sânge. Zayn ar fi zis sânge de Lavaglut, numai că se abținu. Nu voia să-i arate dorința pe care o purta mereu în inima sa, aceea că ar fi vrut să fie un fluture trandafiriu.

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Continuarea poveștii o găsești pe următoarele site-uri de cărți:


Apple Books

De asemenea, te invit să lași și o recenzie scurtă pe unul din aceste site-uri, dacă te încântă povestea și îți plac fluturii.

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    The love story represents the juicy aspect of these fantasy books, especially when the main character is a handsome male vampire who falls for a human and vice versa. You can imagine what happens next. Anyway, the romance part can turn out to be like a wonderful fairy tale or a very dark odyssey. Choose wisely when you want to dive into these kinds of fantasy books.

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