Fantasy Books Reviews – New Releases in April 2023

Attention all fantasy book lovers! Are you on the hunt for your next literary adventure? Look no further than the latest and greatest fantasy book releases of April 2023. Whether you’re seeking tales of daring heroes and mythical creatures, intricate world-building, or heart-pumping action, this month’s lineup is sure to satisfy. From epic high fantasy […]

Free Romance Books and Free Fantasy Books

Best place to get Free Romance Books and Free Fantasy Books! Enjoy this growing collection of free romance books, free fantasy books, free sci-fi books. Action, adventure, paranormal, thriller, cozy, mystery, you’ll find them all. So come and get as many free books as you want, but be aware, you might not have enough memory […]

How to actually reduce depression without ever risking taking antidepressants?

Author: Sandra Lineliz Have you considered reading something fun and magical, fantasy-related stories? No, no, no. Don’t try to argue here. Depression starts with your mind, the negative thoughts. It’s nothing complicated. We complicate it by overthinking our life problems. But what if I say to you that just taking a break from your world […]

How to write a book review in a few minutes?

Author: Sandra Lineliz Maybe you often find yourself in one of these situations: – You have a favorite book and you don’t know how to impress with your review. – You are asked to leave a review and you feel stuck. – You’re constantly postponing writing that review because you are waiting for inspiration, for […]

A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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