Update! The winners! Paperbacks giveaway, my other gifts and future releases (Images)

Update! The Giveaway on Amazon has ended and I found out that all the winners have claimed their prizes. Here they are, listed in the screenshot below:

confirmed winners
The winners of the 5 paperbacks

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll prepare some other giveaways quite soon, so, everyone, stay tuned!

Well, it’s officially live! My giveaway of five paperbacks was approved on Amazon and I really hope they will make the winners happy. But everybody will win something!

Other gifts in store:

The first book in the series is free in electronic format and those who check the bonus section at its end will find out some other limited and exclusive freebies.

I like to be generous and to make sure all the participants will have something to win, that’s why the Kindle edition was left free to download.

To celebrate this giveaway, I will post here some spoilers. Here is the first draft of Selunia’s portrait.

Selunia portrait
Selunia (“The Arid Kingdom”)

And here’s the cover of my next book which has no connection to the Arid Kingdom series. The fantasy book „Kyle’s Nightmare” which I plan to release at the beginning of May.

Golden cover small
Cover of my next book

Short synopsis: While sleeping, Kyle cannot rest. He is forced to take on the missions given by an ancient spirit who threatens to not let him wake up until he’s finished his tasks.

Nothing gore, horror, or dark fantasy but a little more serious than the story of the Arid Kingdom. My friend laughed at me when I said so because she knows I always put in some humor in my stories and, oh well, this one will have some light jokes too.

I’ll soon post the first chapter on my blog so anyone can read it.

If you’ve reached this part of the article, my sincere thank you!