Whether you’re an English learner or simply need to see some examples with the phrase/term/expression “arrive at”, you will find this post very useful and entertaining as it contains examples only from popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi books! Examples of Sentences with “Arrive At” from Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

To make it easier for you, I’ve highlighted the terms “arrive at”, and should you come across an example that stirs your curiosity to read more, fear not. Each example with “arrive at” is followed by the name of the author and the book. So let’s dive in!

Sentences with “Arrive At” – Part I

‘Sergeant Matt Conway was the first police officer to arrive at the mining camp on the night of 10 July 1975.’
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

The prospect of financial ruin had tainted the last two years of his life. And it seemed typical, if not fitting, that a sudden windfall should only arrive at the end of his days. ~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

‘No sir, I am not. I feel that it would be premature at this stage to arrive at such a conclusion. I am merely saying that it appears that the cause of death is an organism native to the Earth.’ ~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

Full steam ahead for the Greater Exhibition! Martian exhibits arrive at New Crystal Palace! Read all abart it! ~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

He worked urgently—no telling if another of Vetas’s goons would arrive at any time. ~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

I arrive at my workplace thoroughly shaken and not quite sure why. ~ Charles Stross – Glasshouse

Hob would arrive at the table right after the server had placed a platter smoking with big cuts of meat on it, draw his belt knife with his right hand, grasp a chunk of the boar or venison with his left hand, and hack it free. ~ Douglas Nicholas – Something Red

Maybe he would arrive at a third explanation that would obviously be the correct one and that would spare him embarrassment. ~ Dean R. Koontz – What the Night Knows


Sentences with “Arrive At” – Part II

Keating felt a moment of confusion. It usually took a few minutes to arrive at hostility, but this man seemed to have gone on without him. ~ Emma Jane Holloway – [The Baskerville Affair 01] – A Study in Silks

He was due to arrive at some point this morning. ~ Eric Brown – The Serene Invasion

When you arrive at a superior solution, please inform me. ~ Glen Cook – The Tower of Fear

I know what you think of me, my son, and of the little gifts that arrive at the presbytery. ~ Ian R. MacLeod – The Great Wheel

Deciding to try a new route amid the seemingly few roads, we end up having to reverse for miles to give way to a tree-hauling tractor, and it seems later than it really is in the shade of these pines when we finally arrive at the entrance, which is contradictorily signed, in green and gold, PENRHOS PARK—TOURERS WELCOME—BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and sports the crowns and stars of various tourist classifications like campaign medals. ~ Ian R. MacLeod – The Summer Isles

We arrive at a place called the New Galleon. ~ Ian R. MacLeod – The Summer Isles

We arrive at my floor. ~ Ian R. MacLeod – The Summer Isles

If you arrive at the airport to find you’ve been given a complimentary upgrade from economy to business class, do you say no? ~ James Lovegrove – Redlaw [01]

Then he turned, just in time to see the two soldiers arrive at the mouth of the sewer, their guns unshipped. ~ James Lovegrove – [Redlaw 02] – Red Eye

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Sentences with “Arrive At” – Part III

I’m the second to arrive at the gateway to the Lära. It was in our contract that we could name the ship, that Tomas and I would be able to choose what we would call it by ourselves. ~ James Smythe – [The Anomaly Quartet 02] – The Echo

He had the letter arrive at his house, read it before me, and he called me up and sent a scan of it across for me to look at. ~ James Smythe – [The Anomaly Quartet 02] – The Echo

‘Armour in here, then? Guess I’d better get dressed, eh, Chief? Hate to arrive at a party in the wrong clothes.’ ~ Joe Abercrombie – The Collected Joe Abercrombie

Following his meticulous directions, they arrive at a short street lined with old gables incongruously mixed in with the faintly glittering facades of nightclubs. ~ Michael Cisco – The Tyrant

‘Goat stew,’ Brother Nennian said suddenly. ‘You arrive at a good time. Usually it is porridge, or cheese and bannock, but one of my charges died yesterday and thus she makes her contribution.’ ~ Paul Kearney – A Different Kingdom

He descended the ladder, twenty-three rungs, to arrive at a tunnel roughly cut from the heavy clay and then fired to form a hard shell. ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

The delegation will arrive at precisely the wrong time. ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

Udinaas was silent. Since the emperor would not look at him, he was free to observe. And arrive at conclusions. ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

Sentences with “Arrive At” – Part IV

Startled, Samar Dev looked over, to see the Taxilian arrive at her side. ‘Who? What? Oh, her.’ ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

Abandonment lingered in the still air like suspended pollen, and Bruthen was alone as he ascended the path’s uneven slope to arrive at the edge of a cleared area, at the other end of which rose the ancient tower of the Azath, with the lesser structures of the Jaghut to either side. ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

As with any other god, the Fallen One played no favourites. First to arrive at the altar…No, Hannan Mosag would hold to no delusions there. ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

‘I assumed you would arrive at that opinion sooner or later.’ ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

He heard another carriage arrive at the gates and turned. From the doorway at his back came the shuffle of footsteps ~ Steven Erikson – The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen

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