Whether you’re an English learner or simply need to see some examples with the term “across”, you will find this post very useful and entertaining as it contains examples only from popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi books! Examples of Sentences with “Across” from Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

To make it easier for you, I’ve highlighted the term “across”, and should you come across an example that stirs your curiosity to read more, fear not. Each example with “across” is followed by the name of the author and the book. So let’s dive in!

Sentences with “Across” – Part I

On his right, houses and shops were missing their frontages, reduced to a collection of stacked, open boxes, brick and stone spilling out across the street in great triangular piles that looked somehow organized, arranged. ~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Claremonte’s smile had dropped on one side—only slightly, but it now came across as a leer. ~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

Beth turned to stare at Ted. He was an easy-going guy. This was a new side of him. Fat or not, he suddenly came across as more than capable of defending himself. She wondered how many other people had underestimated him in the past. ~ Gavin Smith – The Age of Scorpio

The sound was everywhere, everything. It came down from the sky; it rushed in across the surface of the water like a cold wind. ~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

That was when he realized the twinkling stars were not in the sky at all. They were on the hills across the valley, and were small at first, then flared silently like the stars in the sky might on a cold winter’s night, the air full of ice and mystery. ~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

“The road’s gone out with the bridge, but even if it was still there you wouldn’t be able to get this across. Too wide by far.” ~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Max pushed a pile of DVD cases across the desk to Kyle, an envelope file, and an old paperback book so used the writing on the spine was invisible. ~ Adam Nevill – Last Days


Sentences with “Across” – Part II

April Lamotte pulled in at the curb and gave him a smile far warmer than anything he’d seen the day before as she leaned across the bench leather seat and gestured him in. ~ Ian R. MacLeod – Wake Up and Dream

Joel’s fingers found the coin again and this time he took it out and rolled it across his knuckles, almost without conscious thought, as he stepped into the garage. ~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

The strands of his beard parted to reveal a satchel of some kind, slung across his chest. ~ Adam Roberts – Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

She gave the emperor a perfect smile, her blue eyes gleaming with impudence, and strolled across the dais to the throne. ~ Adam Roberts – Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

And it was her idea to remove the sections which she thought would bore the readers—the philosophical passages, the descriptions of my mother, the sections which paid homage to earlier poets, the places where I played with experimental verse, the more personal passages—everything, in fact, except the descriptions of the idyllic final days which, emptied of all heavier freight, came across as sentimental and insipid. ~ Dan Simmons – Hyperion Cantos Complete

They cut straight across Wicklow Street and delved into the network of cobbled lanes that ran like veins down towards the Sunken Quarter. ~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

Tummel helped Swan pull the bridge across to their side, and then the whole group set off through the derelict house. ~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

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Sentences with “Across” – Part III

Creedy raised his hand to strike him across the back of the neck. ~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

I was heading across open water in a strong steel boat, with the sun rising before me and the whole sea shimmering like copper. ~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

Hana unwrapped the parcel. It contained two ankle-length satin frocks, each adorned with all sorts of fancy lace frills. One was mostly peach-coloured, with silvery sparkles across the front, while the other boasted pink and yellow stripes and puffy arms. ~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

A Martian’s eyes were therefore large, typically three inches across, with enormous black pupils. ~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

When he made no reply, Blackwood glanced across at him. ~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

Thalia took a step toward me, a Joker-like grin spreading across her fine-boned face. ~ Amber Benson – [Calliope Reaper-Jones 02] – Cat’s Claw

A car was waiting, part of Rudi’s dustoff. Somehow, Marta had come across a spare set of keys. ~ Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Autumn

This tree, however, perching on a low hillside overlooking the Eyrie compound, was by far the largest he had ever come across. ~ Brian Staveley – [Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 01] – The Emperor’s Blades

“I want nothing. But if ever a friend should come across my lost jewel box, why, nothing would make me gladder than to see it again.” ~ David Edison – The Waking Engine

Sentences with “Across” – Part IV

The canal was much wider here than it had been in the concrete trough of the aqueduct: about thirty meters across as it ran through New Jerusalem. ~ Dan Simmons – Hyperion Cantos Complete

I did not know if the wings would work through the field, but Palou Koror passed through with only a shimmer—like a graceful diver cutting through still water—followed by Drivenj Nicaagat, then by Lhomo, then Aenea, and finally I joined them, folding my wings to a dozen or so meters across as I crossed the energy barrier into air and sound and scent and cool breezes once again. ~ Dan Simmons – Hyperion Cantos Complete

‘It rarely does, sir, in my experience,’ Soren replied, giving what he hoped came across as a fraternal and conciliatory grimace. ~ Duncan M. Hamilton – [Society of the Sword 01] – The Tattered Banner (v5.0)

“Leave it a day or so,” Furio urged him. “Don’t come across as too eager, or he’ll think you’re scared or worried about something. ~ K. J. Parker – The Hammer

“Well, I’ll let you know if we come across anything. As you say, it’s an interesting problem.” ~ Patricia A. McKillip – Fool’s Run

“I’ve never come across anything like it,” the abbot said after a long silence, steepling his fingers and turning his gaze to the other monk. ~ Brian Staveley – [Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 01] – The Emperor’s Blades

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