Whether you’re an English learner or simply need to see some examples with the word/term “while”, you will find this post very useful and entertaining as it contains examples only from popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi books! Examples of Sentences with “While” from Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

To make it easier for you, I’ve highlighted the terms “while”, and should you come across an example that stirs your curiosity to read more, fear not. Each example with “while” is followed by the name of the author and the book. So let’s dive in!

Sentences that start with “While” – Part I

While Kyle spoke, Max had been frowning as if he was not listening, but thinking instead of what he was going to say next.
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

While Harrow goes on with the history lesson, Simon’s namesake lets another loose across my chin.
~ Adam Sternbergh – [Spademan 01] – Shovel Ready

Simon pats his pockets. While he does this he says: But I thought you were supposed to protect her, Spademan.
~ Adam Sternbergh – Shovel Ready

While the resin was warming, he pumped water out of the bilge. Ideally, he should have raised her out of the water, but he didn’t need a perfect repair. Just enough to get her to the boatyard.
~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

While Briana waited nearby, the metaphysicist uncovered boxes of telescopes and prisms, and nautical instruments taken from the Unmer ironclad, along with crates of brine-damaged goods that looked more like seabed trove.
~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

While his men unloaded the trunk of gem lanterns from the wagon, Maskelyne went to explore the three earthen buildings within the cliff-side compound.
~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 01] – Sea of Ghosts

While Grandfather turned his attention to the tea things, Blackwood read the report, his eyes skimming along the lines quickly, taking everything in.
~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

While I had still been pinned to the ground, my assailant had pulled my free hand behind my back and secured it alongside my already tethered one, making it impossible for me to pinch, punch, slap, or scratch my way out of the situation.
~ Amber Benson – [Calliope Reaper-Jones 01] – Death’s Daughter

Sentences that start with “While” – Part II

While Dr Cutter unlocked one of the doors and pulled it open, Blackwood glanced around the room, at the examination table sheathed in white porcelain, the workbenches with their sinks, microscopes and neat rows of chemical reagent bottles, the closed drawers which he knew contained the glinting tools of Cutter’s profession… and shivered again.
~ Alan K. Baker – The Martian Ambassador

While he waited, he allowed his mind to turn over the various aspects of the case which he and Sophia had so far uncovered.
~ Alan K. Baker – The Martian Ambassador

While we stood there waiting for our inclinator, the same little boy dropped to his knees, crawled over to where I was standing, and poked my boot.
~ Amber Benson – [Calliope Reaper-Jones 02] – Cat’s Claw

While Alexandra’s conversation was painstakingly impersonal, Leland was fluttery, nervous, and far too prone to ask leading questions that made her blush no matter how delicately Daemon phrased his answers—if he answered at all.
~ Anne Bishop – Daughter of the Blood

If you want a man’s horses, sometimes the best thing to do is let his hogs loose. While he’s chasing them down, you ride off.
~ Brandon Sanderson – [Mistborn 04] – The Alloy of Law

While the Kez infantry threw themselves forward with reckless abandon, the Twelfth Grenadiers moved in lockstep, every man chosen for his immense size and trained to meet the enemy unflinchingly.
~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

While men three times his age wailed over any number of flesh wounds, the boy sat stoically in the back of a wagon, his stump hanging off the edge, watching serenely while a fresh group of conscripts were sent to the front.
~ Brian McClellan – The Crimson Campaign

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Sentences with “while” – Part I

They fought while others looked on, carnies baying for blood, like animals. Joel had been tending his machines at the time.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Ted’s computer was taking a while to boot and he had a sudden need for fresh air.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Benny and Ted sat in silence for a while.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Which meant, perhaps, that while he had the light on his side and the coin in his pocket, he was matched by the monster standing somewhere over the edge of the bank.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

For a while, he believed himself too unnerved to watch the clip again.
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

‘Oh. My God. Coven. Whatever next?’ she said, then gave him a conciliatory look and said, ‘Thank you,’ while quickly pushing the discs inside her bag.
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

There had been eight hours on the ferry to Normandy from Portsmouth; the night crossing entirely sleepless because of Brother Gabriel’s relentless monologues, directed at them while they sat upon chairs bolted to a listing floor.
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

According to Ren, they’d dragged him in, pulled the arrow, stitched the wound, and bandaged it, all while he was unconscious.
~ Brian Staveley – [Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 01] – The Emperor’s Blades

Sentences with “while” – Part II

In that time I must descend eight heavily guarded floors of the Colhari Palace and lose myself in the crowds of Ankhana’s Old Town—all while carrying the head of the Prince-Regent.
~ Matthew Woodring Stover – [Acts of Caine 01] – Heroes Die

Büber had come to realise that the outcome of the whole expedition depended entirely on her, and the prospect of his lord and master screaming and begging for her to cast one simple spell to save them all while she smiled inscrutably and folded her arms gave him a vicarious thrill.
~ Simon Morden – Arcanum

And all the while Barnett would fight it, without knowing what it was that he was struggling against.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

It took Lebret a deal of fumbling about, all the while struggling to ignore the debilitating pain in his face, before he found the release catch.
~ Adam Roberts – Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

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