Whether you’re an English learner or simply need to see some examples with “to be going to”, you will find this post very useful and entertaining as it contains examples only from popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi books! Examples of Sentences with “To Be Going To” from Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

To make it easier for you, I’ve highlighted the “to be going to”, and should you come across an example that stirs your curiosity to read more, fear not. Each example with “to be going to” is followed by the name of the author and the book. So let’s dive in!

Some examples of sentences are longer for the purpose of giving more context.

Sentences with “To Be Going To” – Part I

“Dynamite!” the man shouted again, and this time the crowd was more vocal in their response. –They’re using dynamite! They’re going to blow up parts of the city, whole streets!”
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

The fire. He had spent too much time clearing rubble when the greater danger lay ahead. The fire was growing, and to stop it the army was going to dynamite whole streets, creating a network of firebreaks.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

It was a bright morning and it was going to be a hot day, Ted could tell.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

One night Harrow called Rachel into his study. She thought maybe he was going to talk to her about offering to help her with college. He’d always been so generous.
~ Adam Sternbergh – Shovel Ready

But that means if I’m ever going to go on a missions trip, the time is now. And it’s only a year.
~ Adam Sternbergh – Shovel Ready

She gave the emperor a perfect smile, her blue eyes gleaming with impudence, and strolled across the dais to the throne. For a moment Granger thought she was actually going to sit in it. But she simply hovered there, one slender hand resting on the gilded arm rest.
~ Alan Campbell – Sea of Ghosts

‘In fact, I suggested it to Grandfather as soon as I returned from the Martian Embassy. He’s going to discuss it with Her Majesty and the Prime Minister, and put forward the case for releasing this information.’
~ Alan K. Baker – The Martian Ambassador

Blackwood felt sick to his stomach as he said, ‘The Queen is going to be there, at the grand opening.’
~ Alan K. Baker – The Martian Ambassador

Sentences with “To Be Going To” – Part II

Dakkar ducked his head into the water, and for a moment Lebret thought he was going to vanish entirely. But then, his four paddle-shaped feet planted on the side, he drew himself back into the air.
~ Adam Roberts – Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

“Ew!” I shrieked as I tried to wipe the remains of the grease onto my sweater, but the stuff was pretty caustic and wouldn’t come off. I was going to need way more than just a shower when I got home; I was gonna need some hard-core decontaminating.
~ Amber Benson – Cat’s Claw

Again, his face felt tight, odd, and he tried to lift his hand. Grace stopped him, gently, and returned his clawed, blackened appendage to the white cotton sheets. “No, no, young man. We have placed linen gauze over most of your face. It keeps the cream in place, keeps your skin moist. We’re going to wrap you up pretty well. We’ve dealt with burns before. We know what we’re doing.”
~ Andy Remic – The White Towers

But I tell you! I knew Farsala like no other, an incredible woman – she had to be, to put up with this stubborn oaf–” there came a sprinkling of laughter, “but I know, if she were here today, she would talk about how proud she was of this fine, strong, charismatic general who is not just a brilliant soldier, a genuine morale builder for those who follow him and an unparalleled tactician, but is above all a superb and much-loved father, grandfather, and of course Farsala would have said husband. I’m not going to say that, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to marry the grumpy old bastard now.
~ Andy Remic – The White Towers

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Sentences with “To Be Going To” – Part III

Well, they already knew he was Twinborn—that was a matter of public record. His disappearance wasn’t going to do much to help patch his family’s reputation. For the moment, he didn’t care.
~ Brandon Sanderson – The Alloy of Law

Wayne. I can’t go back to what I was. You sauntering in here, meddling in my life, isn’t going to change that. I’m a different person now.
~ Brandon Sanderson – The Alloy of Law

What does it matter?</span></span> he thought to himself. <span><span class=”italic”>You’re not going to go outside anyway.
~ Brandon Sanderson – The Alloy of Law

Steris stood. “I’m going to see myself to the women’s washroom while you three compose yourselves.”
~ Brandon Sanderson – [Mistborn 04] – The Alloy of Law

“I thought this was going to be a private meeting,” Taniel said quietly, stopping Ricard with a hand to his arm.
~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

“No. Vetas—or, more likely, one of his men—is coming to pick up that jacket in the next few days. It was being mended. I’m going to stake out the tailor and watch for who picks up the jacket. I’ll follow them and find out where Vetas lives.”
~ Brian McClellan – The Crimson Campaign

The air was thick and humid, stifling, and moment to moment she felt as if she was going to faint.
~ Brian McClellan – The Crimson Campaign

“I’m going to go talk to your master. If it goes badly, he’ll kill me, I have no doubt. But I promise, if they put me alone in a room with you, that it doesn’t matter how securely they bind me—I’ll get loose and I’ll kill you.”
~ Brian McClellan – The Crimson Campaign

Sentences with “To Be Going To” – Part IV

“Come on, Kaden!” Pater said, tugging at Kaden’s belt in an effort to hurry him along the trail. “They’re going to be starting already. Hurry up!”
~ Brian Staveley – The Emperor’s Blades

I have no idea what they’re going to find for me to do, it’s going to take up a large chunk of my time, it’ll probably be boring and pointless, and although I’ll meet new people, there’s no way of knowing whether I’ll hate them on sight. What seemed like a good idea at the time is now turning out to be stressful.
~ Charles Stross – Glasshouse

Camon was going to be playing the part of “Lord Jedue,” a country nobleman who had hit upon hard financial times and come to Luthadel to get some final, desperate contracts.
~ Brandon Sanderson – Mistborn Trilogy

‘Yeah, yeah. Fascinating stuff. What the hell do you want?’ The hobgoblin gestured toward Octavian. ‘Speak fast, or my boy here is going to melt your face.’
~ Christopher Golden – King of Hell

‘As I said, I’ve come with a word of advice.’ Wayland Smith turned his icy blue gaze upon Octavian, ignoring the others. ‘All of this tramping around between dimensions is going to lead to no good.’
~ Christopher Golden – King of Hell

‘Do you honestly think I’m going to run? I’ll admit, the doorway being closed made me furious, but only because it meant a delay in hunting you down. Now you’ve saved me the trouble. Trust me, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than right here with you.’
~ Christopher Golden – King of Hell

“I—look, you’re going to hate me, I know that, and I just wanted to say that—I’m doing this all wrong.”
~ Christopher Golden (ed) – Dark Duets

Bonus – To Be Going To sentences

Rudi, who had been standing in the kitchen doorway watching events with interest, said, “Something awful is going to happen, Max.”
~ Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Autumn

But something about her fury lit a slumbering resistance in him which told him that this nasty little old woman was not going to drive him from her kitchen, was not going to wear him down.
~ Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Autumn

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