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He then turned to Selunia and asked her, “Have you practiced the sword?”

“Bah, I know enough sword as well,” came her bored answer.

“Who needs a sword when you’ve got crystal-gloves?” added Elis, amused as well.

Selunia still went to take a sword from a near stone bench and started to superficially execute some sword attack moves before the entertained eyes of Elis.

Ryan watched her for a few moments how she was twirling, slowly cutting through the air; he shook his head. Then whilst drawing a folded piece of paper out of his pocket he told her, “Okay, enough, I got it. There’s no need for you to show me anymore. I came to tell you that I’d just received a letter from the general of the Arid Kingdom.”

Selunia turned to him, concerned. She quickly threw the sword aside and dashed to take the letter out of his hand. As soon as she opened it, she read it impatiently. Shortly after, her eyes widened; she said with surprise, “The general will take me today!”


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A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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