Chapter 8 – Magical Battle in the Mist (The Prequel)

Waltario’s two-seat vehicle swept through the open gates of the palace out onto the road. It flew one foot above the earth without making any noise. Sitting astride on it, the prince, clothed in a brown hooded robe, marveled at the speed and the sleekness of the vehicle. It was like a long horse's back … Continue reading Chapter 8 – Magical Battle in the Mist (The Prequel)


Chapter 7 – Unsteady Destiny (The Prequel)

  Soris came out of the building and went galloping after the carriage which was just wheeling out through the gates. "Wait! Stop!" he screamed in vain, continuing to run even after the gates had been closed. A guardian stepped before him. "Your Highness, what's the matter?" The boy fumbled as he couldn't find the … Continue reading Chapter 7 – Unsteady Destiny (The Prequel)

Chapter #4 – Hidden Danger (The Prequel)

Coming down into Waltario’s studio, as soon as the door was closed, Soris snatched himself from Clark’s grasp, blasting, “Why did you ruin my plan? Why did you let her go? She came out of my father’s office! She was definitely a thief! Only the royal family is allowed in Dad’s office!” Clark sat with … Continue reading Chapter #4 – Hidden Danger (The Prequel)

Chapter 3 – Rising Tide

Part I A gust of chilly wind blew veils of sand on the narrow beach, announcing a storm. Kendel, Vlin, and Inerishia looked up. White clouds descended like a mist, billowing and swirling as their color changed to stains of ash and coal. “This is really bad,” Vlin gasped, wrapping a bracelet around his wrist. … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Rising Tide