Author: Sandra Lineliz

Have you considered reading something fun and magical, fantasy-related stories?

No, no, no. Don’t try to argue here. Depression starts with your mind, the negative thoughts. It’s nothing complicated. We complicate it by overthinking our life problems.

But what if I say to you that just taking a break from your world and see another world would benefit you the most?

You get disconnected. It’s like you unplug yourself for a moment, give your mind free time to relax, and enjoy seeing something new. Our brain loves to discover and see new things!

So what’s my point in here? That it’s time to read something new and cool!

Let me name your benefits:

– you relax your mind for a few hours

– you take a real break from your world

– by reading, you see the harsh lives of others, and then you won’t think that your life is that bad as you were thinking until now

– by reading, you experience the exciting lives of others, and that will motivate you to see your life differently, optimistically, with the hope that you can change it somehow

– when your brain sees new things, new lives, it gets more ideas; and you might want to ask me: and what’s so special about that? Well, it is. Your brain gets more ideas to solve your real-life problems, not to mention your mood. Read below.

– you enhance your mood tremendously because you forget about your worries; it’s like for a few hours you belong to another world thanks to the lovely characters in the story

– once you enhance your mood, your mind relaxes a lot! And I mean it when I say a lot! Imagine yourself for a moment that you are right now in front of a castle or palace and you see yourself dressed so nicely that you want to jump and say: “Yes! I’m the boss here!”. Now, how do you feel? Don’t tell me that “still depressed” because I won’t believe you.

So, are you ready to see that new world I’m trying to talk about? Then read below. It’s exactly what you need and you will love it!

Escape your depressive state now! You are so gonna love this!

A fantasy story…

Deep in the desert and in a forest. (We get to know two territories! So exciting!)

A handsome prince who is a real fighter and loves to protect his kingdom BUT! You have to hear this! He has real wounds, scars that continually torment his heart! He had a scary childhood, with people constantly trying to kill him, in the end making him feel undesirable. Now, can you understand his depressive state? If yes, do you think he gave up on his life ultimately? Take into consideration that he is a fighter. You’re gonna learn so much from his tactics and way of thinking than you would have learned from a doctor.

And a gorgeous female character who does everything to win the prince’s heart! Can you imagine how great that can be? And she’s a sorceress! Wow! You get to see real magic!

Are you now convinced that this story is what you really need right now?

If yes, this is a great deal! The first part of the series (because we’re talking about a series here for such a great story like this) is FREE! (Honestly, I would have paid for it because it’s so great! I’ve read it twice already!) And you will also love it! After reading it, you will feel so much better that it will be so easier to get back to your responsibilities and solve them as quickly as possible.

Get the Energy of These Awesome Characters Right Now!

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Do you need to see its reviews? Read below but don’t stay too much here and get that book already and enhance your mood instantly! BECAUSE that’s why you’re here in the first place, to entertain yourself and escape reality.

Happy Reading!


“A Captivating and Powerful Story That Will Put You On the Edge of Your Seat and Leave You Wanting More.

Selunia is a young girl with special powers, at least through the help of her crystal gloves. She is sent from her home at the White Castle to the nearby Arid Kingdom. Once there, she quickly finds herself the sole protector of the kingdom. But will she be able to triumph over the powerful and numerous enemy that threatens them all?

Tina does a remarkable job at using multiple points of view without confusing the reader or losing the focus of the story. Her writing style is easy to follow and flows well. There is no heavy use of profanity and no intense romantic scenes which makes this a great book for all ages.

The characters of the story are well-developed, and the action and suspense made for a quick, fun read. The story kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Silvens shows much promise as an author. I hope to see more from her in the future and am anxious to see how she will further develop this story in the series.” ~ Elizaveta Katrinova (editorial review)

“I really enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of 80’s fantasy for some reason, with charming humor for villains and heroes alike, yet I knew exactly who to root for.” ~ review on Goodreads

There’s a clear line between good and evil that many stories have issues identifying today. ~ review on Goodreads

“I was eager to find out what would happen next – a sure sign that the book was well-written.” ~ review on Goodreads

The story is written from the perspective of different people – each one an interesting character. ~ review on Goodreads

“I appreciate the good morals and kindness of the main character. The book is clean of profanity and sexual content.” ~ review on Goodreads

The book was very mysterious as the name suggested. The story is good and I loved reading it. I look forward to reading the next book. ~ review on Goodreads

AND these are just a few of the reviews out there! Now go back to read and entertain your heart and soul!

Happy Reading!

A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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