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So your question is how to read a beautiful fantasy story without ever risking paying too much? Good. This is where you should be.

Now, keep reading because I’ll tell you the answer, what you’re seeking deep down in your heart.

We all want beautiful fantasy stories, those that grab your attention and keep your mind far away from your daily worries. Let me tell you this: you are on the right page, at the right moment, and you will get your right answer.

Okay. Now you want to know the benefits!

Yes, yes. They are many! Read below.

– This isn’t going to cost you much. Yay! Isn’t that cool?

– You will spend a great time experiencing a neo-medieval world together with a handsome prince and a beautiful sorceress. But wait! They have problems and you won’t get bored.

– It’s a beautiful story! Oh, wait. This is not a benefit. Just a second. Oh yes! I got it. The benefit is that your mind will see something beautiful and exciting, which is why it won’t be able to forget. You will keep daydreaming about it and that will eventually help you in your life. So you want to ask: How’s that possible? You see, you get happy when you see something beautiful, but even when you’re remembering something beautiful. In both cases, you win. What does it mean to get happy? Well, it’s that beautiful state of your heart. And while you’re feeling great, your work will get easier. Everything you have to do will get easier. So, do you understand now why you should be reading a beautiful story? Good. Now, the next benefit.

– You read fantasy. Is this a benefit? Yeah, it is. Don’t you need to get creative? And it’s not here only about school projects. Even at work, you need to be creative whether it’s about marketing, products, services, and so on. The twists and turns of the difficult situations in a fantasy story may stir up your mind regarding solving a certain problem. You can get new ideas, solutions just by reading a beautiful fantasy story! Isn’t that amazing? It happened to me many times. It’s proven. It works.

– You get to live a different life through the eyes of the main character. And do you know why is that cool? Let’s be honest here. Where in the world will you be able to become a prince/princess or a sorcerer/sorceress right now, in your reality, in this modern life? Is it possible? Unfortunately, no. But thanks to one single book, you get this chance! Read below. It’s getting very interesting. Now you have to know about that beautiful fantasy story I’m talking about.

It starts like this… Well, this is about book 2 of the series. For the first book, which is FREE, click here to claim it (on gumroad, just put the price 0 and you get it, it’s that simple).

Now back to book 2. It’s a series, right. But it’s amazing and cheap because that’s why you’re here on this page. Take into consideration that it’s not $27, not even $15, and not even $10, and not even $6! And it’s a true story, built since the author was a little girl, based on all of her life problems. Yeah, I know it’s fictional, but those characters are real! Additionally, there are scenes that happened in her life. Well, I said some, not all of them. No one has superpowers nowadays, and she’s not living in a palace. Oh, but this should have been said below. Anyway, keep reading to find out more about it.

Listen to this great beautiful fantasy story…

– The handsome prince has scars hidden in his heart and this sorceress comes to take his inner peace and reveal his scars. Do you think it will be easy? Nope, not at all. He’s stubborn, and sometimes arrogant. He always tries to hide his true self and true emotions because he’s afraid to be hated. Well, I can’t blame him for that. No one wants to be hated.

– The action part? Well, he has to fight for his life and for the lives of others because of his palace. There’s a treasure inside of it that if it gets on the wrong hands, then that’s the end of the world. There’s a mastermind behind all of this. One that keeps staying in the shadow, and not even the prince or the king is aware of him. Cool, right?

– The romance part? It’s forbidden. The prince has a fiancee. Who do you think he will fall in love with? That’s easy to tell, but hard to control. Fate will lead him where he should be and his heart will be uncontrollable, for sure. That’s why things will get interesting for him and for you who is the special reader that has chosen this great fantasy story, with a great background built by love, war, betrayal, denial, revenge, and strong characters!

Don’t you want to read it? This fantasy story will make you laugh, keep you on your toes, root for the main characters because you will love them. They have charisma, charm, beauty, and magical powers! Do you want more? They have unique eyes that hide something magical! Oh god. Now I want to read it again.

I know. There’s another question:

Is this book valuable to you?

Yes, it is. Where in the world will you find a book like this one? This fantasy book has a history of at least 10 years! Can you imagine how good it is when its beginning was about 20 years ago?

What I mean is that a weak story is built in a few weeks, it has no depth, no meaning, no plot crafting, no well-thought scenes, not based on a true story, and it’s always written for the sake of making a profit.

But how about this one?

This fantasy book series I’m talking about (go to the button at the end of this page to discover its name) was created 20 years ago with the sole purpose to entertain, to lift up the mood, to give strength as to be able to face the real obstacles in life. Because think about it, will you? Back then, the author was a kid, a little girl discovering step-by-step the reality when building this fantasy story with her innocent mind. And as she grew up, she learned how to create momentum, making the scenes more enjoyable, or dramatic, namely to make you feel with the character, to make you root for him/her. Fantastic, isn’t it? Few authors had the time to create such a story for so many years. Do you now see why is this fantasy book valuable, important, and worth your time? Because, in the first place, it wasn’t created to be sold; it was created to entertain. It wasn’t created for commercial purposes, but out of passion, an innocent passion if I may add.

Now, why do you need to pay for it? Simply put, it’s like this: for editorial and marketing purposes. That’s it. The entire story is free as to maintain that cheap price you’re looking after. So let me explain it again. What you’re paying for is just for the editorial and marketing stuff, for the team that is working day and night to make this valuable book published and ready to be claimed by you. AND THE STORY IS FREE! Is the gift that every author has to offer for their awesome readers.

Motto: readers are gods and authors create the world of the gods.

So, be a god and claim your copy today and enjoy this fantastic story!

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Reviews? Yes. Read them below, but you won’t get to know the true story if you read the opinion of someone else. Trust me, you can judge only if you see it with your eyes.

Thank you to those that have supported so far this awesome story. It means a lot to the author!

Happy Reading!


“This is a story that is continued from the first book Epic Fantasy Magic: The Mysterious Soldier – Part I: A YA Fantasy Adventure Book from The Arid Kingdom series which has been free in various places including Amazon and Instafreebie in recent weeks. It would really spoil it if you read the second without having first read the first but get ready to read the third book as well, not yet released because this book makes you want to read more! It took no time at all to get to know and love the characters as they were introduced and then, you will get hooked on this Paranormal Fantasy for Young Adults. While there are a few words considered foul, it is very minor. No sex but the implication is there as men think of cheating on their wives as common. In this kingdom, women are not treated equally so expect to get your feathers ruffled if this bothers you but it has a nice balance if you’re willing to wait. Overall, I gave this a 5 star because it is just such an enjoyable read with an interesting plot, well-told, few misspellings, and errors and I would go back and read it again someday, maybe after more in the series comes out. I suspect there will be more than 3. And I’ll grab them as soon as they are available because they are very good.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“The second book of the Arid Country’s fight against Bardan and his men (and witch).Selunia tries to protect
Solis, but because he is attracted to her he tries to push her away.
But during a second attack on the castle they find out what Bardan had in mind to discredit the current king.
Like before the story ends in a half cliffhanger. I am waiting for book 3 to continue the story….
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“This story continues where the first part left off. This part is fast paced and full of action!
If you like fantasy, amazing heroines, and enjoyed the first part of the story give this one a try.
Now all I have to do is wait for part III, easier said than done!
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“The second half of the book is fantastic. It starts off from where the first one ended. Selunia comes to the rescue and helps stop the battle. Selunia is a fantastic heroine. The is a fast paced story. With some awesome battle scenes. This story where Selunia wants to earn the right to guard the prince. This book is right up there with the hunger games. A definite must read. I was given this read.”

“can she help her old friend Prince Soris, and save herself, her kingdom and her honor at the same time?
a challenging situation for any young woman- even a magical one.
lots of scars to survive before hearts and kingdom can survive.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

“Just as the first book, this one was just as good. It started like the first book never ended. Since I read a lot, a prologue would have helped to remind me before I got into the juicy stuff. It only took a few minutes before it clicked, but when it did, I didn’t want to put it down!”

A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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