Author: Sandra Lineliz

So let me guess… You probably are in this situation: many books, you think they are boring, you then think why should you read them, you look on amazon, and then close it. The end.

Getting bored is just a problem of mindset. It’s not that the story has to be exciting, but rather you should get excited whenever you see a new fantasy book. You see, they are unique. Even if they have some similarities, they are not the same.

But let me get you excited right now about a fantasy book. You won’t be able to let it go.

Here starts the journey. This is for everyone that likes fantasy with some horror in it because it has to be exciting.

Let’s see… Are you going to read or are you already frightened?

Oh wait! The benefits! You have to know the benefits before you will find out about it.

ONE! You experience being trapped in a dream world. A Real Nightmare or a Real Dream. You decide how you want to see it. But how’s that a benefit? Well, it is. Once it captures your attention, you will forget about your reality, your problems, your worries, and so on, that dark side of the world. Yeah, just for a few hours, but it’s enough. Let me ask you. How many of you stay one minute without thinking? Even with meditation, it’s difficult. That’s why I’m saying that a book, a story, a fantasy story will have power over you without you being forced to do something.

Whether you’re bored, angry, upset, sad, depressed, that fantasy book won’t attack you. Instead, it can become your best friend. This is your benefit.

TWO! A fantasy book frees your mind from blockages. You get stuck when you have a problem. You’re always thinking of solutions on how to solve it as quickly as possible, but it may take longer than you expect. What are you going to do? Because you won’t be able to relax unless you take a walk outside. But that may not work as well. Eating? Shopping? They may not work either.

Enter a new world and see how your mind relaxes. This is your benefit by reading a new fantasy book.

So there’s this book I recommend… Keep reading. You will love it.

– Action in a dream world.

– You get trapped in there.

– You try to save yourself for several times.

– It may seem endless.

– You fall in love with someone in that dream.

– You are desperately trying to save that person in that dream.

– You fail, but sometimes you succeed.

– It gets crazier and crazier by each day you go to sleep.

– There’s the romance that drags you inside.

– You can’t give up.

– You become a warrior in your dream who fights for his life, but is it worth it? In reality, you’re no one. Shouldn’t you be giving up that dream world in order to survive in your real life?

As a reader, what would you do?

Would you fight until the end?

Or will you take the steps of a coward just to feel safe and far away from problems? Accepting your fate as it is, and ignoring your heart’s desire to make that dream world work for you?

Which of these two, do you think will give you more pain? The first one or the second one? Keep in mind that once you give up, everything’s lost. You can’t go back in that dream world, you can’t talk to your loved one, and you will be left with only your reality, which is not that great.

Do you know what the main character does in this fantasy book? Are you curious? He may find a third option that may inspire you. And how’s that possible? Because the mind is always searching for solutions, whether you’re awake or not. Have you thought of this aspect?

Do you want to know about the fantasy book now?

Will you want to find out the third option that may be applied to your life? What if that’s the answer to improve your life, mentally and emotionally?

Will you make a sacrifice for that?

The question is literally interesting. Sacrifice is needed in everything. But what if you sacrifice your time in order for the good in you to win? Doesn’t that sound cooler?

Are you ready to visit that dream world and search for your answer to your life? Because this fantasy book was inspired by a true story. The author has a sister, and that sister gave her inspiration to write this book in a few weeks. And do you know how? That sister told her everything about her nightmares that she was having almost every night. She listened to her, but she didn’t say that she was going to write a fantasy book based on her tellings.

How does that sound to you? Weird? Awful?

The truth is, her sister had never asked anything, but deep down she had sensed something…

So have I convinced you that this fantasy book is interesting and perfect for you? I don’t know about you, but I want to read it right now. It’s intriguing because her sister likes the Arid Kingdom series and not this fantasy book I’m telling you about.

Doesn’t this aspect make you want to read it more? Because it has something evil in it?

Well, I do, because I’m that sister that had nightmares. I’m the one that inspired her to write this fantasy book called Kyle’s Nightmare.

How’s that coming? And I wasn’t even planning to tell the truth.

Now this is the great stuff! You have 2 options.

One: you leave this page and forget about this fantasy book based on my reality.

Two: You take action and click on that button below and get to know my reality.

How does that sound? Ready to know my dreams or not? Don’t forget that it has something evil in there… Scary, if I may say.

Now, why do you need to pay for it? Simply put, it’s like this: for editorial and marketing purposes. That’s it. The entire story is free as to maintain that cheap price you’re looking after. So let me explain it again. What you’re paying for is just for the editorial and marketing stuff, for the team that is working day and night to make this valuable book published and ready to be claimed by you. AND THE STORY IS FREE! Is the gift that every author has to offer for their awesome readers.

Motto: readers are gods and authors create the world of the gods.

So, be a god and claim your copy today and enjoy this fantastic story!

One thing that you should know about that button. It leads to gumroad, the personal page of the author. If you buy from gumroad, you support the author. If you buy from amazon, you support amazon. Do you see the difference?

So click on the button below to support the author.


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Reviews? Yeah, sure. Read below. But why should you care about them when the readers didn’t know, don’t know, and won’t get to know about the fact that this fantasy book is about my dreams, my nightmares?


“Kyle, as a teenager, had dreams where he is going on one quest after another, sent by his queen, until he realises that her quests are not always for the good of everyone. He avoids to come near the queen, to the point of moving to another town to get away from her influence.
He finds peace until about 10 years later, when the dreams suddenly start again – and they send him on an unbelievable quest, mixing dream and reality.
Not very exciting – yet I could not put the book down. It was fascinating to read about this dream world and how it manipulated Kyle and others.
A great story, with interesting characters.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.” (review on Amazon)

“When a young man has trouble in his late teens with dreaming and not being able to wake up, he believes it is all his imagination and finally overcomes it.
When it starts occurring again ten years later, he struggles and believe he is losing his mind. Unfortunately, things take a turn when he meets some of the people from his dream world in the waking world.
I liked how he second guessed his sanity. It would have helped to have a bit more world building but the unknown made it seem vague and hazy like a dream too.
Overall, an intriguing story line.” (review on Amazon)

“Definitely different. Definitely original. I can honestly say I have never read anything quite like this book. Kyle is an average everyday kind of guy. In his dreams he is fighting the Queen’s quests. A sort of hero. I found this story intriguing. I didn’t want to put it down. I am looking forward to his little brother’s story.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.” (review on Amazon)

“A great read. Kyle is a regular office worker during the day. But at night hes a romantic warrior. The Author really brought out the Characters in a very creative way and very realistic in his dreams. I found this to be a very unique way to bring out the story. I do recommend this read. I was given this read.” (review on Amazon)

“I got this as a free preview so I don’t know how the ending is but I really enjoyed the story. It’s unique and keeps you intrigued. Definitely recommend this.” (review on Amazon)

This article has just been published. Remember, you’re the first to know this secret. Isn’t it cool?

I find it very cool, nothing to compare with, because you can even say that this has a sort of certificate that it’s based on a true story, my story, my dreams, my nightmares.

Go ahead and claim this book. It’s not even $27 the average price of a nonfiction book. It’s based on true facts, but it’s cheaper than usual. And leave a review only if it didn’t impress you.

Happy Reading!

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