Whether you’re an English learner or simply need to see some examples with the word “look”, you will find this post very useful and entertaining as it contains examples only from popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi books! Examples of Sentences with “Look” from Popular Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

To make it easier for you, I’ve highlighted the term “look”, and should you come across an example that stirs your curiosity to read more, fear not. Each example with “look” is followed by the name of the author and the book. So let’s dive in!

Sentences with “Look” – Part I

On his right, houses and shops were missing their frontages, reduced to a collection of stacked, open boxes, brick and stone spilling out across the street in great triangular piles that looked somehow organized, arranged.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

The work is not his, but is familiar somehow, and if he looks at it, studies it long enough, he can <span class=”i”>learn</span> it.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Ted looked around like he was expecting Alison to be standing behind him, behind the couch in his apartment.
~ Adam Christopher – Hang Wire

Closing her eyes, the woman sighed and supported her weight with one hand against the door frame. Then looked up, her body rigid with enough determination to take one step inside the house.
~ Adam Nevill – Last Days

But I do like the look of Tribeca. Old industrial neighborhood, a remnant from when this city used to actually make things.
~ Adam Sternbergh – [Spademan 01] – Shovel Ready

The archer looked down at the canteen, but did not reach for it.
The soldier shot him a fierce look. ‘If the stories we’ve heard are true, then the war is very definitely over. The Unmer have a god on their side.’
~ Alan Campbell – [Gravedigger Chronicles 02] – Art of Hunting

Blackwood turned and looked at the white sheet draped over the tray, took a deep breath and nodded to Cutter.
~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

Blackwood stole a quick look at Sophia, wishing that the old man hadn’t spoken in such terms, but she seemed unperturbed, and was regarding their confidante with an expression of intense concentration.
~ Alan K. Baker – [Blackwood & Harrington 01] – The Martian Ambassador

Sentences with “Look” – Part II

The Managerial Executives looked after the local Managers, who in turn liaised with the harvesters and transporters and basically made sure that the business of Death ran as smoothly as possible.
~ Amber Benson – [Calliope Reaper-Jones 02] – Cat’s Claw

Looking at all the things he’d done since he’d taken office, it was pretty apparent that my dad was kind of an amazing guy.
~ Amber Benson – [Calliope Reaper-Jones 02] – Cat’s Claw

Even to herself, those iron orbs looked old. Older than the world. Older than death. But then, hadn’t it always been that way?
~ Andy Remic – [Rage of Kings 01] – The Iron Wolves

‘This is no place for your pudeur!’ declared Dakkar. ‘Look at me! You think I care for appearances, or for bourgeois convention? Unless you mean to say that it is too cold in here?’
~ Adam Roberts – Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

Now, I’m a cynic. Only have to take one look at my face to see why.
~ Andy Remic – [Rage of Kings 01] – The Iron Wolves

And, I might add, it was unspeakably satisfying to see the looks on the faces of criminals when they were hauled in by someone they had assumed to be a city dandy.
~ Brandon Sanderson – [Mistborn 04] – The Alloy of Law

Most of the place had disappeared beneath the murky water in a tumble of broken beams and waterlogged walls, and even if there had been something to look at, the sun was already dipping toward the horizon—a sullen, red orb—and the light was too poor to see much beyond the skeletal outlines.
~ Brian Staveley – [Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 01] – The Emperor’s Blades

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Sentences with “Look” – Part III

Despite the greed apparent on Kin’s face, he had a worried look in his eyes.
~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

As Adamat began to read through a story on the effect of the war on Adran economics, the movement of Haime’s door across the street caught his eye. He looked up in time to see a dress disappear through the door. A moment later a woman appeared in the window and began to speak with Haime.
~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

At around two thirty a trio of big, hard-looking men entered the shop. Adamat was sure they were Vetas’s goons, but when they exited just a few minutes later, he could still see Vetas’s jacket still hanging on the mannequin.
~ Brian McClellan – [Powder Mage 02] – The Crimson Campaign

The small boy looked over at Triste, and for a moment it seemed all thought had gone out of his head, but when he turned back to Kaden his urgency returned in a rush.
~ Brian Staveley – [Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 01] – The Emperor’s Blades

For several seconds, he just watched the blue-white fire burning and imagined what it would look like at night, his dearest friend’s name blazing brightly even in the darkest hours. It seemed only right.
~ Christopher Golden – King of Hell

Sentences with “Look” – Part IV

The following Wednesday, half a world away, Octavian walked the grounds of the Topkapi Palace and paused to look out over the Bosporus strait. Even with the steamship plying the wind-tossed waters, the sight transported him back in time to a simpler age.
~ Christopher Golden – King of Hell

They have just moved into a suburban split-level house with its own garden—apparently a vestigial agricultural installation maintained for aesthetic or traditional reasons—on a road with full-grown trees to either side separating them from other similar-looking houses.
~ Charles Stross – Glasshouse

Emma was pressing the gas but the van was slowing down, slowing down, and to Emma’s horror the woman turned to look at her.
~ Christopher Golden (ed) – Dark Duets

Looking back, it seemed astounding to him that he had stood so much. He’d done this for Sergei in Tallinn, and for the Turk, and for Big Ron in that appalling kitchen in Wilno, but for Pani Stasia there was something gratingly personal about it, as if she had made it her life’s work to break him.
~ Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Autumn

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