A Fantasy Book and a Fairy Tale – Rose Butterflies Preview Part III

Author: Sandra Lineliz

This is the last part of chapter 1. If you want to see the first one, click this link. On this page, there’s also a bonus–the beginning of chapter 2.

If you already got familiar with Zayn, you will enjoy this part. He meets one of the many villains out there, and he sees for the first time Azure’s country. The discussions he has with the insects will make you feel the magical and dangerous atmosphere of the fairy tale.

There are funny parts that will make you adore Zayn. He can be foolish sometimes, but, hey, that’s his charm. His presence matters. He completes this story thanks to his struggles, his dark past, and his genuine feelings. Let’s face it, the butterfly world can’t exist without him.

If I already made you interested in knowing more about him, then I invite you to scroll down and read this part, but, because there is a but, you have to know Romanian. And if you do know this language, then you’re very lucky. The reading time is all yours. Continue the story and let yourself feel the magic once more.

Bine ai venit! S-a creat o nouă pagină pentru tine și uite că ai șansa să citești continuarea poveștii fantastice – Fluturii Trandafirii! Descoperă mult mai multe despre Zayn și despre aventura lui în lumea fluturilor și a insectelor. N-o să fie singur. Evident că o s-o aibă alături pe Azure, un fluture frumos care ascunde multe.

Pășește în țara Azurei și vezi ce pățește Zayn din cauza grabei sale de a o ajuta.

Te invit să citești această parte. Simte din nou magia poveștii!

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Fantasy books with vampires

Fantasy books with vampires - covers
Author: Sandra Lineliz; Contributor: Tina Silvens

Vampires are often described as beautiful creatures with a human aspect and a seductive aura that lure their victims easily to their side. They love humans because they love their blood, so the basis of their romance is evil from the start. That’s why, usually, fantasy books with vampires are far from being clean. The world-building can be sinister, the events gory, and the violence present throughout the entire story—something that horror-fans will find most satisfying.

The love story represents the juicy aspect of these fantasy books, especially when the main character is a handsome male vampire who falls for a human and vice versa. You can imagine what happens next. Anyway, the romance part can turn out to be like a wonderful fairy tale or a very dark odyssey. Choose wisely when you want to dive into these kinds of fantasy books.

The list below is a selection of books with vampires, from horror to young adult genres, with all the necessary info for you to understand what you’re going to read.

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List of fantasy books with Sleeping Beauty theme

List of fantasy books with Sleeping Beauty theme - covers
Author: Sandra Lineliz; Contributor: Tina Silvens
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Princess Aurora, a beautiful character in a beautiful story. It’s one of the wonderful fairy tales that involve a handsome prince who fights for his love. Exploring the following list of fantasy books with Sleeping Beauty theme, you’ll find many retellings that show a different Aurora, an independent girl who fights for her life instead of waiting to be saved by her lover. And that’s an interesting twist because we all adore a strong character who defeats the enemy and isn’t afraid of obstacles or dangerous situations.

Thanks to an awesome bunch of authors who love Sleeping Beauty’s tale, we get to see Aurora again, but in fresh settings. The original story is enriched with thrilling twists and turns, a complex romantic plot, and well-developed main characters! The list below will help you choose the right fantasy book for you.

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List of fantasy books with Cinderella theme

Fantasy books with Cinderella theme - covers
Author: Sandra Lineliz; Contributor: Tina Silvens
Wanna read, for free, a fast-paced fantasy romance book? Check out The Mysterious Soldier.

We all like fairy tales. Once you enter their fantastic world, they make your day lovely. You just have to pick one book and you’re set for a new journey. Every story that involves Cinderella is fun to read. She fights for her life to get better and takes every opportunity that might make her stand out. She has luck, and this is an aspect that changes the course of events, and everyone likes that. Who doesn’t want to get lucky at needed times and have a charming prince that can make you forget all the worries you might have?

It’s amazing how a story that you know since you were a kid got so many remakes. This does simplify your search for an enchanting book. You like Cinderella, so you just have to find a new story with her. Maybe the main plot is the same, or half of it, but the most important thing is that you get to see her world once again. Choosing such a fantasy book may make you feel like you chose to revive your memories as a kid. Thinking about it like that, it can put a smile on your face.

Now it’s time to get excited and check the list below! One of these fantasy books will definitely catch your attention. They have the fantastic world you seek.

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