Chapter 2 – Mysterious Soldier – Part 1 (The Arid Kingdom series, Book #1)

After a quarter of an hour, Selunia, together with the general, was on her way to the Aridens’ Palace. She was outside the stronghold in a huge car, with black metallic shell and smoky windows—which boldly contrasted with the surroundings’ primitivism and naturalness. This contrasting aspect was one characteristic of the Arid Kingdom. Because of […]

How to write a book review in a few minutes?

Author: Sandra Lineliz Maybe you often find yourself in one of these situations: – You have a favorite book and you don’t know how to impress with your review. – You are asked to leave a review and you feel stuck. – You’re constantly postponing writing that review because you are waiting for inspiration, for […]

A sorceress disguised as a soldier…

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