Best fantasy books May 2020
Author: Sandra Lineliz; Contributor: Tina Silvens

May is such a beautiful month. Fresh nature everywhere, and it’s really nice to take a book outside. You give another meaning to your reading time. May 2020 comes with very interesting science fiction and fantasy books. I invite you to scroll down and find out the details about them and see if one of them catches your attention. These fresh stories will definitely make your month different, allow you to take a break from reality, and improve your mood—something we all need, especially in this year 2020.

Now it’s time to discover the best fantasy books of May 2020. Scroll down and choose that book that will bring magic into your life. It’s that simple.

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Critical Point: Book 3

Critical Point cover - fantasy book of May 2020

Humorous Science Fiction, Technothrillers

At first, in this third book of the series, Cas fails to integrate herself into the world as a model citizen—something which her friend, Arthur Tresting, wanted.

Later on, Arthur’s daughter, Tabitha, makes an unexpected visit to inform Cas about Arthur’s disappearance. Cas takes on the case, and she’s stumped by how little she knows about her friend’s life. She never knew that he had a family.

As soon as Cas finds out that Arthur is missing, things turn chaotic. Her office gets blown up, but she doesn’t give up and seeks help from Checker, the best hacker in her circle of friends. The problem is that no one seems to know much about Arthur, where he went or what he was up to. So, in the end, Cas has to rely on herself to save her missing friend, and for that she will have to use her mathematical superpower. There’s more to the journey she has to take to complete such a quest.

This is a story with funny and action parts. Boredom is away if you take this book, but keep in mind that it’s part of a series. You’ll want to read the first two books to understand the story and the characters better.

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The Kingdom of Liars (The Legacy of the Mercenary King Book 1)

The Kingdom of Liars cover - fantasy book of May 2020

Military Fantasy, Renaissance Historical Fiction

The first book of the series starts with the climax. The protagonist, Michael Kingman, is going on trial for treason—the murder of King Isaac. Moreover, the verdict is final. He is found guilty and sentenced to death a week after the day of the assassination. After that, the story goes back to his youth and you get to see the course of events that lead to what he ultimately became.

As you get drown into the story, you find out many things about this young man. Michael goes through difficult times because of his father – who was executed because he killed the prince, his best friend’s son. Michael acts as a con man to get the money needed for the cure of his mother, who became a Forgotten because of the use of magic. Now she doesn’t remember anything. Her memories were swept away, but Michael would do anything to cure her.

The uncertainty of his future drives him to be what he is. A stubborn protagonist, easy to hate because of the mistakes he makes, but there are times when you can relate to his situation. Hard life determines someone to show his dark side easily.

If you love historical fiction with an enigmatic protagonist placed in a world of politics and strange magic, who constantly meets dramatic situations, then it’s time to put this book on your TBR list.

The Human (Rise of the Jain)

The Human cover - fantasy book of May 2020

Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Orlandine is a complex character, a combination of human genes, AI, and Jain tech. The last book of the Rise of the Jain trilogy starts with Orlandine talking with Knobbler, the assassin drone, on how to protect the Jaskor Planet. It seems they are short of options. As a matter of fact, they need to put their hands on the valuable knowledge of the Client, to increase their chances of survival and successful attacks on the Jain technology.

This enemy has one goal, and that is to wipe out everything that stands in his way, including his old enemy: the Client.

This is a story with impactful fights between species of AI, war drones, aliens, and humans with mythical powers. In other words, it’s about an entire battle between advanced technology and those who try to withstand it. Therefore, who will win in the end? Will Orlandine play a significant role in neutralizing the Jain technology? Find out in this final book!

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Network Effect (The Murderbot Diaries Book 5)

Network Effect cover - fantasy book of May 2020

Hard Science Fiction

An action-packed standalone novel that will make you forget about reality for as long as you keep turning the pages. But, of course, you may want to read the first books in the series, too. They all are worth your free time.

The story starts with murderbot, a sentient machine, on a mission on a boat, together with Dr. Arada and Dr. Thiago. Evidently, nothing goes as planned, and the bot has to help Thiago twice and take the bullets for Thiago. What makes this character peculiar is its sarcasm. It completes the scenes in a unique funny way. You will get to laugh a lot throughout the entire story because the bot is the main character, and it can’t keep his mouth shut, or its mind.

If you’re in the mood for some action paired with humor, then likely this book is the perfect option for your reading need.

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Firewalkers cover - fantasy book of May 2020

Dystopian Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

This is a complex story to dive into and forget about the present world for a while. In times when the Sun burns the planet, Mao, Lupe and Hotep are sent on a mission to repair the solar panels in the South district. There’s danger, but there’s also a double triple pay at stake. They are Firewalkers – those that put their lives at risk by visiting the desert zone to fix things.

The poor people struggle to live in the Ankara Achouka town while the rich enjoy comfort and luxury by living up in the sky, in the Roach Hotel, or on the spaceship, The Grand Celeste. They are linked together by a cable that runs on a system that needs repairs. So there are enough jobs for the poor, but not anyone can take them.

Find out what Mao, Lupe, and Hotep go through when they enter the desert zone. They may meet some predators along their way. Being a Firewalker isn’t easy at all. The pay is high, but the danger that they are exposed to is even higher. Will they manage to come back home or will they prove that Firewalkers don’t survive long enough to see their old days?

It’s an interesting story to explore, destined for those who like books about post-apocalyptic worlds, where danger and mystery conquer themselves.

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I hope you enjoyed reading about the best fantasy books of May 2020, and if you are in search of another impressive story, why not download the free fantasy action book – The Mysterious Soldier? Or you can start reading right away its free Prequel! Click here for Chapter 1.

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